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If you have ever been in a major automobile accident, then you know about the laundry list of losses that you have incurred. Extensive medical bills and car repairs are just the beginning of the expenses that result from auto accidents. The frustration piles on when you realize the opportunity costs that are associated with being the victim […]

Years ago, Subaru discovered that defective oils rings cause several models to burn oil, decreasing decreases fuel efficiency and damaging the engine and catalytic converter.  BUT they never told the public about the defect AND continue to sell the cars. To add insult to injury, Subaru often tells folks that excessive oil loss is normal and […]

Lemberg Law has received complaints that debt collectors working for now bankrupt Health Diagnostic Laboratory (HDL) are attempting to collect money from patients for tests.  After bankruptcy and a forced sale of the company, patients are receiving threatening notices from several debt collection agencies.  Some debt collectors are also reporting these debts to credit bureaus. After going through […]

Are you over your head in debt? U.S. News and World reports that 1 in 3 Americans is near financial disaster. A study published last week by suggests 37% of Americans have credit card debt grated than or equal to their emergency savings. The means that a steep medical bill, a car accident, or […]

Sergei Lemberg, consumer attorney based in Wilton, CT, represents Christopher DiStasio and potential class members in a lawsuit filed against Edible Arrangements on April 5, 2016. The filed complaint alleges Edible Arrangements violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by sending unwanted text messages to consumers over the course of four years. “The Federal Communication […]