2017 Honda CR-V Class Action Investigation

Several complaints logged with the NHTSA about the car’s electrical system, service brakes, seat belts, and more.

Lemberg Law is investigating consumer complaints about the 2017 Honda CR-V with EX, EX-L, or Touring trim. Folks have been telling our firm that the Honda CR-V’s multimedia information display, located in the middle of the instrument cluster, may intermittently produce failure alerts pertaining to a variety of safety features. For example, the alert may indicate a problem with the road departure mitigation system, the lane keeping assist system, the collision mitigation braking system, or the auto high beam. In addition, there may be a warning about the adaptive cruise control system, or the Honda CR-V may experience speed fluctuations when the adaptive cruise control is active.

**ATTENTION, if you are a current owner  of a 2017-2018 CR-V in following trim: EX, EX-L and Touring and are experiencing issues  with the information display, you may be eligible to join a class action suit against Honda. So give us a call. Our services are absolutely FREE to you. Click 877-795-3666 ☎ NOW for a Free Case Evaluation. Or go ahead and fill out our Contact Form.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has already logged more than 100 consumer complaints about the 2017 Honda CR-V. Consumers have reported issues about the car’s electrical system, service brakes, seat belts, and more. Here’s a sample:

When you buy a new car, you expect it to be dependable. That’s a reasonable expectation. Oftentimes, though, manufacturers become aware of defects yet don’t take immediate steps to correct the problem Lemberg Law is dedicated to holding car manufacturers accountable for auto defects. We do that by representing individual consumers in lemon law cases and by representing groups of consumers in class action lawsuits. We would welcome the opportunity to represent you.

If your 2017 Honda CR-V’s multimedia information display is showing failure messages and you are interested in becoming a class action plaintiff, complete our case evaluation form or call us at 877-795-3666

  • Brittany

    My multimedia display begins randomly turning on/off and adjusting brightness as I drive. It’s done this numerous times at random with no apparent cause and does not resolve until I turn off the car. I’ve also had several instances where some of the safety features became inactive, e.g. lane departure.

  • Lorraine Savastano

    Lane departure warning brake system pops up when I am driving my CRV 2017. I brought it to the dealership and I was told it was a computer update problem. This is the 3rd time the warning came on

  • Lisa

    My multimedia display also randomly turns on and off and cycles through the different brightness settings: night, day, off and the screen flickers off and on finally turning off then after a delay back on. Button of the screen sometimes work and sometimes do not respond. My solution so far is to turn the car off and then back on. I have several videos of this and plan to visit the dealership soon to see what they have to say. My 2018 CRV has 1,500 miles on it.

  • Maria Cecilia Santovena

    We were in an accident after the brakes failed of my 3-weeks old CRV 2018 EX (we bought it brand new, 0 miles) in the middle of june 2018. Neither regular brakes or the sensor anti-collision worked. Despite of my husband’s efforts to stop the car, we slammed into a car that was at a red light. The road we were driving was around 60 miles limit and we had a teenager and my 8-months old infant in the car with me and my husband during the accident. That GOD we are well and alive but our car is totalled and we sustained some injuries. Honda needs to recall those cars!!!!!!

  • Lisa Brooks

    My multimedia display also randomly turns on and off and cycles through the different settings. It happens on sunny days as if the sunlight is “touching “ the display and making changes. Usually I don’t even have the display on when this happens; it turns itself on and randomly cycle through different settings.

  • gary

    My multimedia is fine. However I get a collision warranty on my dash panel. It comes on when we go under an overpass. Or next to a large tree. It does not happen much. However it is annoying.

  • Robert Corbett

    Vehicle – 2016 Honda CRV EX AWD. Manufactured USA
    Upon starting vehicle dashboard indicator lights flash on & off rapidly synchronized with a loud relay clicking sound. Vehicle will not start. Battery voltage with volt meter test is good, 12.6 VDC. Battery clamps to battery terminal post are tight & clean. Battery cable crimp termination to battery post clamps are tight with no movement. Issue occurs randomly with no warning leaving chance of being stranded with vehicle at any given time of starting vehicle. Issue has been occurring for the past 3 months. Local dealership test battery good as well, 12.6 VDC, but recommends replacing battery?


    Hi Team, I have same issue with my honda CRV 2017. Engine does not start and dash board starts showing all error messages. I am mentally stressed and scared when it will happen and get struck. Facing same issue from last one year, American Honda failed to resolve. 3 times went to dealership it appeared issue went did not occur in last 6 months . Again boom today same issue. tomorrow going to dealership again please suggest. I am ready to be part of this law suit. I am frustrated and it screwed my plan many times and gave me mental stress.

  • Joe

    What about diminished value on the 2017 – 2018 Honda CRV’s now that it is all over the news? I believe Honda owes us money!

  • Candy Decock

    I purchased a 2018 CRV that has continually given me ACC and AHB failure blaring message on my screen (with loss of the features) for the past 6 months. There is less than 8000 miles on this in 11 months. Can’t imagine my frustration if I were driving it daily! Honda has had the car on numerous occasions and just tells me that the computer can’t find anything to “fix”. I was unaware of the 2017 model problems until just now. So, they are still cranking out this model without addressing the issue?
    I have wasted dozens of hours at that dealership when now I see that my problem may never be fixed. Guidance please.

  • Andrew Paltarak

    Have this problem with Honda CR-V EX 2018. Every time when it rains, the car has problems with all electronics. Car rattles, shakes, speeds up… CRAZY!!! I almost got in to a wreck few times. Went to Dealer many times. They cannot fix it. But they do try! They changed and calibrated sensors many times. but… How they can? It’s problem with electronics and computer. Honda must recall these cars. And redesign the system! put new software and sesnsors. Honda, you put your loyal drivers and customers to danger!

  • Joseph Jang

    We have the 2017 CRV and we’ve experienced the same electronic issues. One day while driving on the highway, the car just stalled and the engine shut off. Then all of the warning labels on the electronic display on the dashboard began to light up one after the other. Fortunately, there was traffic on the highway at the time so we were able to cruise onto the side. But it could have been extremely dangerous and my wife and 2 kids were also in the car when this happened. We had the car towed to a nearby dealer and after almost 3 weeks, we finally picked up the car. The reason why it took 3 weeks was because the dealer couldn’t really figure out what was going on because they told me that they couldn’t replicate the problem since the car was starting fine at the dealership. Eventually after doing multiple analysis and diagnosis, they thought the problem was with the main computer module. But because that part is so costly, they ordered a working but used one from Honda just to test it out. They installed it, the car worked so they finally ordered a new computer module for the car. So after that was done the called us and my wife picked up the car. I then get a frantic call from my wife and she was very upset and crying. She tells me that as soon as she got on the freeway the same problem happened again. The car died, the lights on the display flashed all the warning signs and nothing worked. Again, it could’ve been a very dangerous situation but fortunately, there was once again traffic on the freeway so she was able to pull over to the side without problems. But my is completely stressed and we no longer feel safe to drive that car, despite what the dealer may tell us.

  • Sam

    I am experiencing the same, my 2017 Crv

  • ramesh pathak

    My 2016 CRV EX has issue with Digitial Dispay, It does not show fuel gauge electronic display and my phone blue tooth is not functional anymore.. Rear camera which is another display works. when taking right turns.

    I have also notice speed changes issue, GPS honda link navigations sucks. it does not work well.
    Their current electronic display put the driver and passenger life on risk

  • S. Yeung

    bought a 2018 CRV-EXL Nov 26, 2017. one month later got my first collision mitigation brake system failure while driving home. Shortly after, the alarm lights went off and I was near my Honda dealership where I bought my car near my house. I pulled into the dealership to have it inspected, they told me they found nothing. No code, no break light on. Yesterday night *Nov 10, 2018) it happened again, this time the warning light stay on. This morning I brought it into the same Honda dealership, I was told they don’t know what the problem is. The warning failure can not be clear. The car is less than 1 yr old. Honda charge a lot of money for these safety feature. It is unclear how wide spread this problem is, but they are not telling people and continue to sale these safety features. Doesn’t this constitute false or deceptive advertisement. I specifically bought this car EX-L for these safety features. Now where do I stand?

  • Bonnie Mark

    2018 Honda CRV–center console suddenly starts randomly going through settings, brightness control, radio goes on and off–crazy. Called dealer–they said I was the first one to notice such a thing. Really? Thankful for your site that let me know others are going through this and what I may be in for.

  • Yakov Garbuz

    2017 Honda CRV — getting “Radar obstructed” and all related systems failure almost every time when it is a heavy snow or rain. Took car to the diller 3-4 times, they retained it for a day every time and said that nothing found. Today when I was driving on a highway in a good weather (21F, no rain) ALL SYSTEMS FAILED!! The dashboard was all yellow! Power steering failed, power breaks failed, ACC failed and all assistant system failed. Did you ever try to drive 70 mph on a highway without working power steering and breaks? No?? Good for you! This is not the experience you want to have! I managed to pull out from a highway, but when I stopped on a red light I was not able to go on green — breaks did not release because of electronic failure and my car was jumping like a kangaroo! And, of course, it is all gone after I turned off and restarted the car. Great job, Honda!!


    My 2017 CRV has on 4 different occasions had the alert indicated problem with the road departure mitigation system, the lane keeping assist system, the collision mitigation braking system. In addition, there has been a warning about the adaptive cruise control system. My Honda CR-V has experience speed fluctuations when the adaptive cruise control is active and turns turns off at different speeds. There are several times while someone is in a turning lane next to me on the HWY and I have the cruise control set it will put the brakes on and other people almost hit me. This failure is very nerve racking in heavy traffic and brings grave concerns carrying other people in my vehicle. I also have had issues with or the auto high beam going on and off with no light differences.

  • Robert Endres

    Same symptoms but car runs ok. No reset after 3 days of driving. Took to dealer and they are telling me the error message is an engine misfire which is causing the issue. Service flunkie tells me reason ACC doesn’t work is to force owner to bring car to dealer for diagnostic services. And they need the car for a week!? So now I can’t get to work and the factory warranty doesn’t cover rental during diagnostics only during a “major” repair. Stay tuned.

  • Bradley

    We own a 2018 crv ex with same problems, collision, road departure and adaptive cruise control problems. The car only has 2259 miles on it and it’s happened 3 times already. Just spoke with Honda dealership they said we need to clean sensors? I’m afraid the car is a lemon. Thanks Brad

  • Cherie Becchetti

    Just drove they ice/freezing rain and snow storm. Message popped up that some safety features are offline. Isn’t this type of driving when you need them most?

  • Lee Friend

    Just traded my 2017 CRV for a RAV 4. Kept getting warning lights and electronic brakes that wouldn’t release. Stranded me twice on trips. I’ve had enough. Honda won’t admit they’re at fault. Apparently oil and gas are mixing and setting off the warning lights. They were supposed to release a fix in November and then December and now just five cold weather states because they think it’s a cold weather issue. I live in South Carolina. Honda has lost an entire family of (former) Honda owners.

  • John

    I have a Honda CR-V EX-L with navigation that I bought new in November 2017. I have had this happen on many occasions. The radar sensors are in the windshield facing out behind the the rear view mirror and behind the front grill in a plastic window so that any ice or snow covering the windshield or the grill one will make a huge message appear, blanking out pertinent information on the dashboard display. Once all the snow and ice is removed from sitting on the grill and at the top of the front windshield the messages disappear after the car is stopped and shut off, then restarted. Do you have any idea how dangerous this is on a busy highway? All Honda has to do is install a thin wire around the perimeter of the grill window and the windshield camera that, when activated, would warm those areas and keep them from freezing over. What would that cost Honda? Maybe 25 cents per vehicle?

  • Mark B Bailey

    Touch Screen not working on 2017 CR-V EX-L (18 months young). Stuck in radio mode. Sync’d android phone will still answer and display phone info on touch screen but touchscreen not functional in this mode either. Can control radio via driver’s display and steering wheel controls. Climate button brings up correct display. Volume and power button on touch screen not functioning. Restarted auto several times, and tried accessory mode. “Touch mode” still not working. Have left auto with dealer.

  • George R Young II

    Just bought a 2018 CRV EXL brand new. It has 475 miles and the collision mitigation system, Lane keeping assist, ACC accusing control problem light keeps flashing and beeping. After reading several of the posts on this site, I’m pissed. Will have to see what the dealer says.

  • Samantha Serritella

    I took my 2017 Honda CRV into the dealership for an oil change on 12/26/2018. 3 days later, my road departure mitigation system problem, collision mitigation system, adaptive cruise control system problem and brake system warning light came on my dashboard. At random times my Honda will slam on the brakes automatically while no cars are in front of me and put me at a near stop for zero reason at all. I brought my car back to the Honda dealership on 1/31/2019 they returned my car on 1/2/2019 and told me nothing was wrong with the car, they realigned my radar and sent my car home with me. They didn’t know why my brakes were slamming but thought with my lights off they should work ok. Less than 24 hours later all of the system problem lights returned on my car i brought my car back into the dealership on 1/3/2019 and on 1/5/2019 they returned it to me saying they replaced my radar and that should solve the problem. Less than 5 hours of having my car my problem lights and brake system lights came back on. on 1/7/2019 I brought my Honda back to the dealership (not happy with them at this time),spoke with the manager, brought up the class action law suit and started a case with Honda America located in California. My Honda has been returned to me since 1/12/2019, the lights are off, the brakes still malfunction. I spoke to Walter the regional manager for IL at Honda America today and he was rude, told me that if I had an issue with the car take it to the dealership but could not answer what to do about the brakes slamming for no reason periodically while there are no cars around me. I have been less than satisfied with Honda America and Honda themselves with their lack of participation and support with their faulty product. I will never purchase a Honda again.

  • Anthony Carro

    We have the 2017 CRV and we’ve experienced the same electronic issues. All of the warning labels on the electronic display on the dashboard began to light up one after the other. Transmission began jerking and warning lights came on, same with electronic brake failure warning.

  • Joanne Pay

    I have a 2017 CRV Touring bought new. I have had trouble with lane mitigation, ACC , tire pressure and all warning lites coming on when the car is cold or wet – which is often in Canada. Currently they have been on for 3 days and I am unable to reset or to get them to turn off. This is not the first time this has happened but I refuse to go to the dealer as they are no help and waste my time keeping the car for hours to decide there is nothing they can do .

  • Chase A

    I purchased a new 2017 CRV EX-L and have constant problems with my multimedia display. I have a long commute so it’s imperative that my phone connection be working properly. It often doesn’t work. The display will randomly adjust brightness, volume, reset, and most recently the illuminated icons come up (on the left) but the screen doesn’t show anything. It just blinks a couple lines here and there. I turned it off and turned it back on, still didn’t fix like it has before many times. Ill have to take it in, hopefully I can get it fixed. Super annoying. I’d rather have less technology work, than more technology that’s faulty.

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