2019 Ford Ranger Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Seats, brake and powertrain issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

People couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel of a 2019 Ford Ranger. It was the first year of the revival of this mid-size pickup. As enthusiasm runs deep, the automaker claims this truck is “adventure ready.” Once the initial fervor wore off, owners realized this truck wasn’t all it was hyped up to be. In fact, this pickup suffers from defective seats, malfunctioning service brakes, a defective powertrain and glitchy vehicle speed control.

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Problems with the Seats

No one expects the 2019 Ford Ranger to provide as much comfort or space as the F-150, but it is supposed to have safe seats, yet that’s not the case.

Just look at this review left on the NHTSA website. “2019 Ford Ranger XLT rear seat back locking problem. Ford has issued a TSB on the difficulty of locking the rear seat back into a locked position. Extreme closing force must be used to securely lock the seat back. If not properly locked, the seat back would probably pitch forward in an extreme braking or an accident. This could cause injury to rear seat passengers or others in the vehicle. It should not take a full size adult male using all possible force to latch the seatback. Ford forums have also expressed this problem. As it is a lifesaving issue, the NHTSA should immediately force Ford to design a proper latching mechanism before someone is seriously hurt or killed and then have it installed for free as a safety issue. Ford current solution is not a proper repair. Shaving the bumper grommets a tiny bit is not the solution. Surely Ford’s other vehicles don’t have this issue.”

It isn’t just the seat design that Ford overlooked, but also the front passenger seat belts. In fact, NHTSA Campaign Number 19V518000 highlights a recall that expresses how the improperly assembled seat belts may not restrain occupants during a crash. Between putting the passenger at risk and the rear seat occupants, Ford is only showing concern for the driver. That’s fine for owners who plan to drive alone, but what about the safety of others in the truck? This truck is only ready for an adventure taken by one person – not a group.

Problems with the Brakes

As discussed above, slamming on the brakes in the Ford Ranger could lead to injury in the back seat. With that in mind, it’s challenging to slam on the brakes at all, because this system isn’t working correctly.

Another NHTSA review states, “Pulling into a parking space and applied the brakes. The brake pedal went all the way to the floor and my foot then engaged the gas pedal also. The Ranger lunged forward and hit a store sign. I have had two instances of unintended acceleration while braking, on both occasions the engine revved and the vehicle went forward. Only have 950 miles on it. The brake pedal has a lot of travel before engaging. Ford needs to take a serious look at this.”

With five recalls already on the 2019 Ford Ranger, the automaker isn’t willing to look at anything it doesn’t need to. Otherwise, people might see how much of a lemon this truck actually is. Instead, the company has chosen to remain silent about braking concerns, leaving people to experience their own adventure.

Problems with the Transmission

There was a lot of criticism for Ford regarding the engine and transmission option on the 2019 Ranger. It turns out critics had a lot to say that was valid. This system isn’t functioning as it should and owners couldn’t be more displeased.

Here is a complaint that was filed with the NHTSA. “The contact owns a 2019 Ford Ranger. On several occasions, while driving and approaching a stop, the transmission failed to downshift, which made it difficult to stop the vehicle. [Dealer] was contacted by phone and made aware of the failure. The contact stated that the failure was intermittent. The manufacturer was not notified. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 2,000.”

Ford has also issued some recalls related to powertrain concerns. The first recall, NHTSA Campaign Number 19V366000, specifies that the gear shift lever position might not match the transmission gear, which causes the truck to move in an unexpected direction, even when the owner thinks it is in Park. This is caused by loosened fasteners attaching the transmission shifter cable bracket and requires repair. Otherwise, the Ford Ranger might take an adventure on its own.

Problems with the Vehicle Speed Control

As with the other problems this truck seems to exhibit, the vehicle speed control malfunctions put owners and occupants at risk.

Here is yet another NHTSA complaint about the Ranger. It says, “The truck has about 400 miles total. I have had two instances of unintended acceleration while braking, on both occasions the engine revved and the vehicle lunged forward.”

This statement sounds like a replica of what was illustrated earlier. That’s because the internet is filled with similar reports from Ranger owners around the country. Yet, Ford won’t take the complaints seriously or fix the problems. It has chosen to turn a blind eye and continue promoting the Ranger as something it isn’t. This lemon car isn’t ready for an adventure at all but should be sent to the junkyard for scrap metal.

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