Acceptance Now Sued For Debt Harassment

Beware of Acceptance Now

Rent-to-own companies like Rent-A-Center provide consumers with goods in exchange for periodic payments. When you are making many payments, it can be easy to lose track of how many payments you have left. Generally, you can rely on the business to tell you the number of payments still due. However, as one of Lemberg Law’s clients learned, you may not always get accurate information.

You Can Fight Back Against Acceptance Now Debt Harassment

Lemberg Law’s client entered into a consumer agreement with Acceptance Now in connection with rentals at Rent-A-Center. He claims that Acceptance Now called him excessively before the payment was due to try to collect the debt, and that the company kept calling him even after he asked the debt collector to stop. Our client says he called Acceptance Now in March to try to find out how many payments he had left, and was told he had three payments left. When he asked the same question about six months later, he was told that he was still responsible for eight payments, which obviously contradicted the earlier statement he was given. Further, our client told us that he called Acceptance Now in September to ask for a delayed due date of September 15 and the company agreed, but on September 9 Acceptance Now called the people he had listed as references to try to get payment.

The case, which was filed in North Carolina State Court, Mecklenburg County, alleges that Acceptance Now violated the North Carolina Debt Collection Act by harassing our client and calling multiple times daily, even after our client asked the company to stop calling; by causing our client’s telephone to ring with unreasonable frequency; and by using unfair and unconscionable means to collect a debt. It also alleges violations of the North Carolina Unfair Trade Practices Act by using unfair and unconscionable means to collect a debt. It asks for statutory damages of $4,000 for violating the Debt Collection Act, plus other relief.

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  • btandon

    can anyonme tell me the CEO s name for acceptancenow? i ll be filing a class action law suit, interestingly enough its very difficult to find any corporate info with this company

  • Ellie

    I have receipts showing I paid Acceptance Now and they say it doesnt count. When I rented, the employee gave me 120 days same as cash instead of 90. He wrote in on the document and signed it. The company says he wasnt allowed to do that so they want another 500 from me! NO WAY. Its not my responsibility to train their people. I just signed and took my table?

  • Chandra G

    I am in the state of Arkansas. Loan sharking was banned in this state back in 2006. I went to FFO to purchase a living room set $2400 including taxes. Later, I learned that I had signed a contract for rental agreement. This company had ran a credit check on my husband and I and state we was approved for 1800 store credit to use towards our purchase. Later, as I got home and started looking over the contract. It state we had 90 days to pay off the $2400.00. Like most Renter Centers. We had no idea that FFO had this type of financing in their store. If I wanted to rent furniture I’ve would have rented the furniture from Renter Center. I pay 288.00 dollars a month. They pocket the $200.00 and the 88.00 goes towards the principle making it impossible to paid for the furniture. We were lied to first of all. They ran game on us. This is sad. What can you all do because since I could not pay the furniture in full within the 90 days. (which it was more like 70 days) they took some days. Lol. What laws is out there for my protection? What laws can release me from these blood thirsty criminals? How dare the system allow these people to even be in business. Please respond back at c******* Thank you kindly.

  • Douglas M

    I am currently leasing a T V with acceptance now, I could not keep the payments up so I decided to return it. I tried to return it and found a scratch on the screen and acceptance won’t take it back and now I am stuck with this t v that I can’t pay for (800.00 dollars) what do I do? My finances are bad right now dealing with back taxes

  • Alfred A

    Creditor rent a center corporate office district manager named Dave refuses to talk to me so I can pay off my judgment they have against me. They keep saying he is in a meeting or unable to speak with me at this time and will call me back in a hour or two and never does and this has been going on for a week.

  • Billy A

    Its not harassment it has to do with billing and they keep changing my 6 mo payoff price

  • Claudette G

    I am Attorney-in-fact for my sister who is unable to handle her finances due to illness. She purchased a refrigerator in December 2016 for an over price of $2,000 plus. As of this month she has paid over $4,000.00 and they claim there’s a balance of $1,000.00. I made a payment through my bank and Angela at Acceptance Now said they could not accept the bank check. She found the check and after half an hour she said the office manager would accept the check. I asked her to send me the original signed agreement and a record of payment, but I have not received it. I faxed her a few days ago requesting the information and told her I will not be making any payments until I receive the information I requested. I got an email today asking me to renew a contract. There’s something very wrong with this company and it needs to be checked out. I’ve never dealt with them before and this is my first impression…S-C-A-M.

  • Ashley

    I have a couch and love seat through acceptance now. Only to have Rent A Center to show up banging on my door telling me that my contract had been bought out by them? Is that legal? I was never informed once of this decision!

  • Cynthia S

    I entered into a lease agreement with Acceptance Now 3 weeks ago. My first payment isn’t due until the 20th of March and they have been calling my references, blowing up my phone and coming by my home leaving messages that it’s in my best interest to call them. I’m trying to u derstand what’s going on. They said I owe them 198 now and then another 198 on the 20th even though I paid the down payment 3 weeks ago. I dont want to go to jail or pay them more than what I owe.

  • Kimberly E

    I purchased furniture from acceptance now for 2000 and went to pay them 0ff within the 90 Days SAME AS CASH….they informed me that I was outside my days due to the company changing my due date! Now I will be owing an additional 3000! I’ve lost my job plus I’m dealing with a daughter with lupus and son with autism. I bought this furniture so that my kids can sleep comfortable. This has been emotional stressful!

  • Michelle

    How do you return the furniture leased from acceptance now?

  • Joshua J

    I’m being harassed by buddy’s home furnishing

  • STAR V

    Hello my name is Star i have been dealing with Acceptance Now since 8-8-15 And as a FOOL I Paid it off over $6000. Dollars they gave me a award certificate for being a great customer . paid off at 367.a month untill Dec 1-17 then as a great customer I got more from them with the agreement buy one get one after i did so ..I Got home read agreement. Was charged Insurance and other things as this was Christmas gifts i let it go. $218 a month in September .2018 I had a child and Brother-In-law pass ..away the same day 4 hr apart would not even let me defure a payment . Now here we are in January 24-19 my payment was due on the 3rd ..I was in the hospital for 10 day even though I spoke to them every day . letting them know i was to sick to handle this in hospital for Heart. They called me and all my reference asking why they wont get me to pay or help me keep my cridet then i get a letter from a lawyer telling me he is taking me to court That I Still owe $ 1,461
    61. And i know that is not right I do my payment over the phone and thy wont send records.

  • Jessa P

    I’ve been paying $24.88 a week since September for an $700 mattress. Last week I made TWO payments. Before I made the payments it said I still had 8 to go. It’s STILL saying I have 8 payments to go. My payment isn’t due til this coming Saturday. But they are calling me saying I’m 3 days late.

  • Audilia

    Same issue here with Acceptance Now. Is there a class action suit? I would like to join. Thank you, Audilia

  • Jennifer S

    Oh for those of you who have worked for acceptance now and say yall are doing us a favor. Well I can tell you where you can stick your full of crap words. Acceptance now is nothing but a joke. I am filing legal action against them for their lies on the 90 days same as cash options. They will have screwed me over on that. In April I purchased a bedroom set for my son. The total cost was around 1300 bucks and I did 100 in April then paid 500 in may that went towards the flippin rental part not my 90 days same as cash and then they broke it down into 2 frikkin monthly payments cause they said that was the only way to make the payment which put my next payment in July after my 90 days were up. So no ain’t noone doing anyone a favor except screwing folks over cause now they have lied some more and added more stuff to my monthly payment so whoever says they are doing you or any of us a favor are liers!!!! Straight up I ain’t sugar coating anything cause I have the proof.
    Thank and have a nice day

  • sadara

    acceptance now has called me 8 x in 3 day they are apart of rent a center

  • Acceptance N

    There’s a Class Action Lawsuit Against Rent-a-Center

  • JoJo

    Ok as a former employee of the acceptance now program I will break this down for you completely and thoroughly. To everyone saying the merchandise was $500 now your paying $3000.00 total lie. A lot of people do not take into consideration their insurances and their taxes everything has tax.. The most over cost the acceptance now program will charge you is double and it use to be triple, you can payoff your agreement anytime you would like with no pre penalty charges to you. Also our S.O.P requires that we do collect payments so on the day payment is due we send monthly reminders to you for 3 days! If you have not contacted our offices within those 3 days with a payment we are required to call your job if you still do not contact our office we are required to call a reference on the 5th day. The only way to avoid this is conversations with us let us know when you will be able to pay. People come here to call the company a scam or rip off when we are actually doing you guys a favor… We finance furniture for customer with little, bad or not credit! We help with your credit rating we forced no one to sign up! Also it is a company with bosses and employee why is it that everyone expects to get something for nothing we are all in the real world and that is not the way the real world works smhhh

  • Tom

    Does any one know the CEO is Acceptance Now because I took them to court but the court wants me to get the CEO’s name.

  • Jestina r

    I am having the same issue with their merchandise.

    I signed a contract under the impression that it was only a 12 month term when Imy 12 months came up in May I called to ask why it wasnt removed from my credit,and they told me I still owed money.. when I explained the situatio.. the original representative doesn’t work there anymore and that I signed a 36 month term and that I could always pay the amount in full. When I asked if I could pay more of a payment a month to help make my pay off quicker they said no that I have to pay tthe original amount. Every time I have missed a payment they continue to call my phone. Just last week on the first they called my phone twice back to back. Which made my job question why my phone was going off. I graciously called them back and explained my situation. They said that they can schedule a pick up for them to return the merchandise.

  • Christopher B

    Paid my account off, within 2 months. About 3 months later, Acceptance Now folks started withdrawing money from my account, for a contract that was already paid for. They have taken $1,400.00 extra out of my bank, until, I cancelled my credit card. I’m in the process now, of taking them to small claims court. Recommend when you paid something off, get it in writing. I have all my receipts, so hopefully I can get some money back, or at least them stop calling me.

  • Briana

    I have the same issue. They are trying to charge me $110 more than I was originally told and they harrass me like crazy. I just paid them a week ago. I never knew it was through rent a center either. Bob’s never gave me this information. I want them stopped. I’m threatened over voicemail, they have trashed my credit and say I haven’t made payments that I have made. They cally references all the time and it’s harrassment. They lie and scam you. They are also not accredited by the BBB. I want in this lawsuit.

  • Sybill

    I Am having the same problem with them
    I wasn’t aware they could put you in jail for that? And I was never told it was a rent to own contact

  • Rose

    It’s 2018 and still no class action suit?

  • Tonya O

    > on time customers never get called? That’s a lie. I am fighting with them right now over courtesy calls reminding me to pay my bill that is due that same day. I always pay on Mondays and they always call On Mondays even though I have asked them not to. My payments are never late. One time they actually called my WORK!!! I can understand that, if I was late but not just a courtesy call to remind me my payment is due. It’s seriously pissing me off.

  • Jennifer C

    I had my first ever run-in with rent a center(american signature) in 10/2012 when I decided to help a friend out and sign for her kids furniture in my name. The first 9 months went pretty smoothly until she lost her job leaving me with making the payments or coming up with what she didn’t have. In October of 2013 she felt she could no longer even afford partial payments and I couldn’t continue as well so she asked if the furniture could just be picked up. I had given the store manager (Sam) authorization for my friend to have access to the account and could ultimately make any decisions, so I advised her to call him and arrange the pickup. Soon after, I started receiving calls from a young lady named Angela whom said she was the district manager and wanted to help after I’m assuming Sam shared with her our account information. She knew because I was very clear that my friend was the one responsible for the payments and once she said she could not afford it I was happy she made the decision to return the merchandise because frankly I was tired of the harassing calls day in and day out. Angela spoke with my friend on numerous occasions and would call me after speaking with her majority of the time to let me know what the arrangements were. The first arrangement she made with my friend were, she allowed her to pay half of the past due by a certain date and 2 weeks later pay the other half. The second arrangement they agreed on were for her to pay just the interest and put the principle at the back of the loan. Both agreements my friend followed thru. At some point after Angela called to tell me that my friend had stop answering her calls and had started to get frustrated with her especially since she had done so much to help us keep the furniture. By now I have also given up on her and our friendship but I did my part and reached out to her as well. After that last conversation I decided to just authorize the pickup directly with Angela because I could tell she just couldn’t keep paying. She told Angela that she was willing to pay it off with her income tax 2/2014 but Angela insisted they could not wait that long. The drivers were scheduled to go by and pick the furniture up with no problems at all! Furniture actually was in showroom floor condition. The main driver (Alex) Hispanic male came in with his helper gathered everything and as he made his final exit my friend asked him for a receipt saying they did pick the furniture up. He let her know thats not protocol but she insisted he sign something which was some paper he had on him but didn’t mind signing for her. He let her know they keep a daily delivery log of the addresses they deliver and pickup. Around 6pm that evening Angela called me personally to let me know the furniture had been picked up and sorry it turned out the way it had. I had never spoken to her or my friend again. 2016 I was ready to purchase my first home and low and behold I find out I have a CHARGE OFF through a company called ACCEPTANCE NOW which I had never heard of so I was furious, confused, and anxious to find out what in the world was this account $3471!! After calling around and getting to the bottom of it I found out it was the new name for RENT A CENTER! I spoke with so many people telling them this same story until one CSR felt so BAD for me she went against company policy and gave me the general managers phone number and also personally emailed him about my situation. The CSR couldn’t see too much info due to the account being almost 2 years old and sent to collections but she did in fact see some obvious contradictory and that’s what gave me even more determination to stay on top of this. While waiting on the general managers call I even made a visit to the store we purchased the furniture from and that guy even said the system showed that the furniture had been returned years prior which matched the date Alex came as well. He also gave me Alex cell number. Days later I received a phone call finally from the general manager and he asked me to basically tell him what I had told the CSR. He assured me that he has held that position for 18 years and will get to the bottom of it and if I had any other questions concerns or could even have my ex friend now find that paper the driver Alex signed to plz call him at his cell number directly. I allowed him a couple of days to do his part and kind of felt received after talking with him because I really felt they would have all of this mixup cleared up by the time we talk again. Unfortunately, I had to call him and he was like another person. Very rude and you could tell he was now trying to cover up something. He was no longer willing to cooperate with my idea as to auditing Alex confirmed appointment book that the company keeps and also insinuating my friend still had the furniture!!! I couldn’t believe this guy. Angela clearly told me I could go to jail initially for not returning rented property in the first convo she and now this man is saying they would allow my friend at the time to keep furniture clearly not paid for 2 years later!!!! He couldn’t answer that question so he yelled saying he would talk to Angela but doubt she remembered anything that far back smh. I kept my cool and even held back my tears of frustration because I felt my house purchase slip away in that moment of him basically saying they never came to pick up the furniture which I knew was a COMPLETE LIE!! I had given up with contacting them and updated my exfriend who was in disbelief as well because she said they could clearly come back and see that her kids are sleeping on blowup mattress even after all this time! I’ve disputed this 2 times with the credit companies and it stays every time. I Dont know what they are sending in as proof but I know for a fact those drivers or an inside person made an error on my account or even an inside theft causing me a great deal of depression and block of purchasing a home. If anyone has had this or anything similar plz help me.

    • Amber

      > Im going through something similar except they are trying to put me in jail. I made the payments. The manager said there was never a payment made, even though i had proof. My ex was arrested but they dismissed the charges because we gave the furniture back. Now four years later i got arrested for it & im afraid I have no proof it was picked up

      • D

        Why did they arrest you, after they did him?
        And it was returned?>

  • Pat J

    Hello,I’m dealing with the same problems
    everyone else is. This company is practicing the most gregarious form of usery I’ve ever heard of in all of my life. But what can we do for relief, it seems like management /corporate is deaf to our dissatisfaction & complaints. It looks like we’re roped into paying these outrages rates after their deceptive business practices, where you’re never told this is a rent to own contract when you’re signing. A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IS WHAT’S NEEDED FOR THIS COMPANY. I’M ALL IN.LET’S GET IT STARTED & STOP THESE GREGARIOUS FORMS OF USERY.

    • Efrayim

      > I am currently talking with district manager for acceptance now about my 90 day pay off. I paid off my furniture within 90 days and they over charged me 410.00 they tried to say I was supposed to pay on the 7th but I have been making payments on the 15th for two months plus I told the lady that take payments I was paying it off by my next due date. She never mention anything about making last pay off payment on the 7th. So yes I totally agree there needs to be a class action law suit against Acceptance Now. ONLY THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN PAYING ON TIME… if you paying late and past 90 days those interest charges are going to eat you alive. I’m very grateful to the person that started this post.

  • Pia b

    Stay away horrible bobs discount uses there space pertaining to be part of bobs what mistake they will harass you !!! One day late acceptance now central ave low life workers keep away cost 10 the amount

  • Melissa

    Called Monday June 26,2017 told them to come get leased living room and dining room
    Called again Thursday June 29,2017 left voice mail
    Called again Friday Morning June 30,2017
    I have been paying on time for 12 months told them to come get their stuff I could no longer make payments
    I was told no they would not come pick it up to pay my bill. I explained I would no longer be paying them they needed to come get it
    I was told at store I would have 2 companies but both contracts would be the same
    Wrong 1st contract is paid.
    RAC wants 189.00 a month for 3 years on a set of furniture that is not worth 1200.00

  • bridgett C

    I would like to join the class action lawsuit against the acceptance now, Ashley Stewart furniture and rac.

  • Alaina

    So My question is will they come out and retain the furniture or will the put it on your credit?

    • stacy

      they will come get it…. im at the point where I don’t want to pay them anymore but I need to know if this whole court stuff is real or not >

  • Tanya H

    This company tsk tsk tsk. I fell behind on my payments and all of you are right they will harass the mess out of you. They will call your job, cell and contacts. Even if you answer and you let them know when you can pay they will still call you back the next day like they never spoke to you. I ended up receiving a email from their collections company who informed me that I could pay the late fee or that they could transfer me over to rent a center. If they did that then I would have a fresh start. I agreed. Three weeks went by I heard nothing and then the store called me back asking for a payment. I informed the store that I was transferring my account to rent a center and that I was waiting for someone to get back to me. She said ok. But then called back and asked if I knew which renta center I said no. Another two weeks went by I spoke to someone from rent a center. He informed me that the only way to do the transfer was for me to physically come into the store (they transferred me to a store that was 40 minutes away). But then the rep says don’t worry let me call the store to get your paperwork started. I said ok. I never heard from him again. Another 2-3 weeks I am sitting in my house and I hear someone knocking at my door it some one from acceptance now placing a decal on my door that states we came by. I called the store to ask what’s going on. The rep said you need to make a payment of 782 bucks. I informed her that I was transferring to rent a center and that No one got to me. The rep tell me oh we do not do that anymore. Unh! This place is unprofessional and downright rude. The ethics and core values of this place is low and they are not willing to work with you. If you offer someone an option it is up to the company to honor that option.

    • H.C.

      > they called me at work yesterday around 2pm telling me that same thing about transferring to rent a center. And then called me back 3 hours later. I dont know..but something doesn’t seem right. Im going to contact the State Attorney Generals office.

  • Cindy G

    Hi my name is Adalcinda Gerena, and I am going through similar issues with Acceptance now . I am being harassed every day while I am at work, calls after calls after calls . I close this account on November 2016 and they’re still asking me for more money. They persuasive you into signing an agreement they lie to you . And steal your money . I say don’t deal with this company don’t sign anything with them they are a fraudulent company .

  • angela c

    I requested for the furniture to be picked up and the movers inexperienced broke my vase. They laughed about and gave me the head manager number.I have contacted them numerous times and the local store. No one has returned my call. Plus they harass my family members and work. Leaving detailed message.They are worse then rent a center.

  • Mary w

    Bought a queen bed for $495 and mattress for $700. Sales person comes to me asking am I trying to get credit issues changed to try acceptance now. Bad choice! Been paying for this bed since 2013. My balance never changes while I’m still making payments. Seems like I’ve been paying forever. Being lied to and always someone different handling my purchase . I’ve noticed on the contract it’s say living room, which I never purchased. I’m so frustrated right now. I don’t have money to keep putting out. I need some help. Checked the reviews and complaints and seem so many are having the same problems. Want this issue resolved . Just recently told them I’m not making another payment . Now getting harassing calls and noticed there are 2 accounts on my credit with them.

    • Sd

      Acceptance now only has 12-36 month agreements so if you are still paying off agreement from 2013 means you have missed several payments so you are paying late fees monthly.

      • Fraud

        There still a rip off they won’t let u pay off before your 90dAys then after 90 days they slap 12 months on u my tv was om sell for 550 they want 3000 from me now crazy>

    • Alaina

      > I didn’t know this was a rental company. They informed me that I would be purchasing the set and gave me 2 different contracts but informed me that it was the same information. and when I looked at it reflected that amount along with if not paid by the 90 days then it will go into 36months but my furniture was 2700 and the stating I owe 8964.00. Why would I pay 6300.0 extra for furniture that is not worth it. and when requested to pay early the informed me that I would still owe the full amount.

  • Alan S

    I had never heard of AcceptanceNow until a short time ago, when I got a text that “Your AcceptanceNow Agreement is ready to sign”.

    I am not installment-buying or leasing anything from anyone, nor have I for the last 30 years or more.

    I am on vacation and more than 1,000 miles away from my home.

    As a result I worry that AcceptanceNow, entering into a new world of consumer fraud: trying to enforce agreements which are signed by imposters, perhaps even including imposters who work for them.

    I have sent AcceptanceNow an email that they are dealing with fraudsters. Hopefully they will pay attention and not be fraudsters let alone be the “victim” of fraudsters.

  • Kathy H

    As a former employee I was instructed to call home, cell, place of employment, landlord and every available reference to collect payments. Yes I was instructed to harass the clients on a daily basis. It was by far the most stressful and unrewarding job I have ever had. It was an embarrassment

    • Chakira W

      > My luck gets even worse, January comes around,  and I suddenly become seriously ill…kidney failure, lung problems, and I was diagnosed with a severe neurological condition that affects my speaking ability.  I contacted Value City and Acceptance Now to inform them of my situation thinking that I could use the benefits plan, they didn’t even attempt to use it, the proceeded to call me multiple times daily, my hospital visitors were relaying messages to me because they were being contacted, and  they sent several people to my house.   At this time, I had already lost my job due to illness, and I’m no longer able to work unfortunately, but I wanted to hold up my end of the bargain, so I had my husband take my entire last paycheck and go past the furniture off, but when he got there…..that’s when we got a huge surprise.  They added $2000.00 to my pay off amount,  now I know why they didn’t mention that on the day if purchase, because no one in their right mind would go for that, and they sell you by stating that they are helping you build your credit.  I told my husband to just pay for the month and don’t pay another dime, I would get it  straight after being released from the hospital.

      It’s been over a year and corporate/management will not respond to me regarding this horrible experience, however, the store employees are calling my mother and I multiple times daily, they called my former employer, they call me and hang up the phone, they send collectors to my house, and they won’t except responsibility.  They’ve added a tremendous amount of stress on top of my health declining rapidly, my husband is the only one working, so we can’t afford my medical care, prescriptions, I lost my car, my gas and water was turned off, and we’re about to lose our home.  I’ve had to start a fundraiser for my treatment, but we’ve only raised $10. These people should be ashamed of themselves, because they put me in this situation, and they don’t have the guts to face me.  Please go elsewhere if you are looking for furniture, their stuff is nice, but not nice enough to ruin my life over.

      • ess j

        Have you made another payment? If you don’t make anymore payments, does acceptance now take you to court? Please tell me the outcome.

    • Brittany

      What’s the most they can do if u don’t pay? Charge off your account?>

      • Elle

        If you haven’t paid at all or only paid three payments and they can’t reach you to retrieve the merchandise or you skipped off with the merchandise, they can press theft charges. There is also the option of wage garnishment. It is a lease purchase option, you are leasing it until you chose to purchase it. There are three options. After the 90 days expire they no longer look at that plan and you will continue on the Early Purchase option which basically gives you a discount off of the term amount (12-36). You can return it after 4 months minimum requirement not to damage your credit. You don’t own the merchandise until you pay it out or complete the contract. Also the current late fee is $20 and not each day. if you are getting charged more than that then you need to contact their corporate office. >

  • M

    I have been paying off this King size bed for over three years at Raymour and Flanigan at Bay Plaza Mall in the BX. I don’t know what this person name Kenya problem but for her to call my job looking for payment is unacceptable especially when I already spoke to the General manager about me not able to pay for this month but for next month on the 2 payments owe. Ms. Kenya informed me that if I don’t make a payment today, it will go to another cooperate office so I told her no problem over $500.00. Must really need her rent to be pay. At this point, I don’t feel like paying those greedy people anymore.

    • Sd

      ANOW only has 12-36 month agreements if you are still paying it means ur paying late and paying late fees monthly.

  • Ladonna

    This company needs to be stopped from harassing people and using ruthless threat tactics. I sent them numerous cease and desist letters, and they won’t adhere to them. After they received my cease letters they called me close to 100 times. One of the calls came from a supervisor who called me slanderous names. I’ve been told by them they don’t have to follow the debt laws about ceasing contact. They called my references and gave out personal information.

    • C.W.

      > There is no excuse for them to begin the calls on the 1st day a payment is due. I get calls on the 1st of every month and after year, I have never fallen behind in my payments. The practice is harassment and you should not try to justify this behavior.

  • Kim

    I am dealing with acceptance now… Now and they keep lying to me on how much I owe them. I called them last month and they told me my payoff is 1,000 on my damaged kitchen set and I called yesterday bc I’m getting my income tax and they told me For payoff it’s gonna be almost 2,400. I told them last week it would be payed off in a week or two bc I didn’t have the money to pay this payment yet which was due on 1-15-16 bc I’m off work since the 14 th of this month bc I got hurt. My payment is $240 now they said this payment with late fees is $468 which late fees r only $5 idk what todo. I am getting screwed over. They won’t stop calling and r being total jerks

    • Miss j

      > i called in january 2016 asked what was the payoff they told me $400 and some change. I asked again March 03 they said $600 and some change! The initial cost of the item $1200 to date ive paid $2300! Im waiting on a call bk from district manager

      • Sd

        > when did u first sign the agreement? If u signed in nov or dec 2016 then in january you would be within 90 days and recieve best discount and then it eould go up if u pass the 90th day.

      • June B

        > Angela, stop talking to any one from this company and stop answering their calls. Please download and read Lawfully Yours. This information booklet is full of some of the most powerful information needed to get rid of corrupt companies like Acceptance Now (AN). The booklet contains a template for a Debt Validation Letter to send to collection companies like AN that should stop them from any further verbal contact. The letter demands that the only correspondence you’ll accept is written. Be sure you search for and send the letter to the owner. I’m actually producing these letter for a family member because he doesn’t have time to do it himself. I’ve used the process myself and it really works.

      • Michelle

        I been waiting on district manager to call me>For a month. They keep coming up with different excuses why he hasn’t called then said he called me one day while I was working and I didn’t answer so I lost my chance to speak with him. Good luck! I could go on forever about this company. There’s not enough space.

        • Kimberly

          > I have had the same issue! I called in mid February, 2017 and it took over a month for a district manager to return my call. This company charges you for a “Discount Plan” which we knew nothing about and we had been paying on it for 28 months and didn’t even know it. They also charge you for insurance to cover your purchase without telling you or at least they didn’t tell us any of this. It shows up as a waiver and is charged every month. Our payment should have been $243 but every month it was over $300. My husband had been paying it and asked me to pay it in February 2017 and that is when I looked at their website which is a mess and realized I was being charged for insurance on the merchandise and the discount plan which we knew nothing about either one. They finally agreed to credit me the charges over the past 28 months for the discount plan and the insurance or waiver because I have homeowners insurance which covers the merchandise. This is such a rip off and we will never use the company again. I wish they would get together a large lawsuit against this company because we would be more than happy to join in. We didn’t even know it was a rental place. It is a furniture store used to cover up a rental company. This is just so wrong in so many ways!

      • Tosha

        Have u solved this with management I’m going through the same thing my item was 500 dollars i have given them 2000 when will they stop the payments if I don’t buy out this is robbery >

    • JJ

      > I’m dealing with them as well. They have harassed me every day, even calledy references at work and stoped by my personal address. When I told them I would pay them, they said it had to be two payments. I finally told them to come get their stuff, they scheduled for wed, canceled and rescheduled with me for a Thursday at 12-3… 3:30 comes and they call me while at work and say they took it upon themselves to reschedule the pick up for Friday 12-3 without me agreeing. They came Friday at 11 and tried to hang a door sign that I wasn’t there.

      • Jade

        > if they call references then u haven’t made a payment. On time customers NEVER get called!

        • Tata h

          Thats a lie I get called and emailed before my payment is due, the day of and now afterwards due to a “computer glitch on their behalf. Took a extra payment not authorized and stated they dont know where the payment posted couldn’t help me but told me to dispute it with my bank??. >

        • Eric C

          > This is a complete lie. They call days before a payment is due and then when you tell them to stop calling, they continue to do it. Calling late at night even and then calling those “references” and discussing personal business with them. Do not lie, this is clearly company policy with this many complaints.

    • Yolanda H

      > OMG this is happening to me now I looked them up this morning to see my rights this month is the first time u was late my late fee was an additional 79 dollars …HOW?? They blow my phone up from morning till night even after I talk to someone for the day. I have 3 more payments but I also have stopped working cause I injured myself and they won’t even break the last 3 into smaller payments so I can afford to pay on it they just want to keep adding in these late fees and before you know it I’ll owe them for 3 months triple what I payed off for the furniture

    • Ilsa S

      > i been paying for 2 used (suppose) t.v.’s $19.99 a week =$142.00 taxes and insurance .I started black fri of 2016 i may have been late 3 times paying over $20 each time in late fees so black fri i should have been done they want $268.00 and they’ll leave me alone .i begged them to stop calling me because i also had death in household 1 week before thanksgiving they since call me breakfast,lunch and dinner !I asked for them to send me my contract and the last 3 statements i was t old to call back and talk to steve B.S.B.S.B.S. they also sent a big black guy to my house to pick up a payment (im black but was very intimadated !) I wish they leave me alone im up to 3,000 plus dollarson 2 ragidty t.v.’s help me some onev!

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