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WILTON, CT – JANUARY 23, 2018 – Consumer law firm Lemberg Law has filed suit against General Motors for negligence in a crash involving a motorcyclist and a GM self-driving car. The filing, Nilsson v. General Motors, notes that Mr. Nilsson was riding his motorcycle behind a self-driving Chevrolet Bolt when the driver “commanded the […]

Driverless cars will zip and hum on America’s streets sooner than you may realize. At least 18 automakers, including companies like Ford, GM, Toyota, and Tesla, have invested millions of dollars into autonomous vehicle (AV) research. Test vehicles currently operate in Pittsburgh and Phoenix, and it won’t be long before a fleet of driverless rideshare […]

The U.S. Chamber Institute of Legal Reform issued, “TCPA Litigation Sprawl: A Study of Sources and Targets of Recent TCPA Lawsuits.” Not urprisingly, the Chamber of Commerce defended practices that regulatory agencies and the courts have ruled violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and painted U.S. businesses as victims of consumer attorneys […]

Overdrafts occur when a customer makes a transaction using more funds than currently available in his or her checking account. Currently, under the 2010 Overdraft Protection Act, customers have three options regarding overdrafts for a checking account: Default: Do not opt into any plan, and have your transaction immediately rejected by the merchant in the event […]

Did you know that if there’s an error on your credit report, you’re the one that’s responsible? This can be problematic considering that many businesses buy credit reports to help them make important decisions about them. What Is a Credit Report? Credit reports are nationwide statements of your credit history created by a credit bureau. […]

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