Class Action Lawsuits for Products & Services


Class action lawsuits are filed on behalf of a group of people who were harmed in a similar way by a company’s violation of the law.

In a class action, Lemberg Law works on behalf of the group, fighting to get consumers fair compensation for the damages they’ve suffered, as well as punitive damages for the company’s illegal behavior.

Lemberg Law is currently working on a number of class action lawsuits. If your experience is similar to the situations outlined below, please contact our office immediately.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act & Telephone Consumer Protection Act: Robocalls

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Stored Communications Act

Glassdoor mishandled consumers’ electronically stored information in violation of the law. Read the story.

False advertising

Manufacturer of Sensible Portions-branded Garden “Veggie Straws”, for falsely advertising Veggie Straws as a nutritious snack containing significant amount of whole and ripe vegetables.   But, according to our lawsuit, Veggie Straws are just potato chips in disguise. Read the story.

Also, Gluck Jalapeno chips makes claims and others, which may not be entirely true. See post.

Breach of Warranty
Munoz vs. LG Electronics: Did you purchase an LG television manufactured in or after 2011? If so, you may qualify as a plaintiff in this class action. Read case study.

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