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If you work in Connecticut, you have the right to be paid in a timely manner.

Employers in Connecticut all too often withhold paychecks or try and skirt the law to avoid paying overtime. If you’re owed money by your employer, you need to seize your power, understand that the law is on your side, and demand your rights.

Getting the Money You Deserve

If you work for a private employer and feel that you’re owed overtime pay or other unpaid wages, there are two routes you can go. First, you can file a complaint with the Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations. However, the Labor Board spends 90% of its time on municipal, school, and state employment matters, and leaves most private sector complaints to the National Labor Relations Board. You can imagine the nightmare of bureaucracy that filing an NLRB complaint entails.

The other option is to hire a labor attorney. According to Connecticut law, you have the right to take your employer to court. If your employer is found to be at fault, you can recover twice the wages owed to you, along with court costs and attorney fees. Because the law says that your employer has to pay your attorney fees, getting a labor attorney shouldn’t cost you a dime.

Afraid of Being Fired?

Many people who are being victimized by their employers are afraid that they’ll be fired if they take action. That could happen, but the law specifically addresses this issue, and prohibits employers from penalizing employees who assert their rights. If your employer in any way punishes you, you have the right to file a claim against him.

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