Wish TCPA Settlement Lawsuit (Olsen, et al. v. ContextLogic, Inc.)

Class Action Lawsuit. You may be entitled to more. Know Your Legal Rights and Options

Wish.com TCPA Settlement – In lawsuits filed across the country, millions of consumers allege that ContextLogic, Inc violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by sending unwanted text messages to their cellular telephones without their prior express consent

What is the Olsen, et al. v. ContextLogic, Inc TCPA Text Message Class Action Settlement?

A $16M settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit alleging ContextLogic, Inc violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by spamming millions of consumers with unwanted marketing text messages.

The Settlement affects all persons who, between April 6, 2014 and September 24, 2019, were sent one or more unwanted promotional text message from ContextLogic Inc on behalf of Wish.com. ContextLogic denies the allegations but has decided that settlement is best for all parties involved.

If the Settlement is approved, Class Members will receive a pro rata share of the $16 million settlement fund which divided amongst all members could equate to a monetary award far more inferior than what filing an individual suit could result in.

After attorneys’ fees and expenses and lead plaintiffs’ incentive awards are deducted, remaining eligible persons would receive an estimated cash award of only $45.00 based on a 10% claim rate, but could be less upon final approval.

If you chose NOT TO OPT OUT you are entitled to only the amount estimated above.

Know your legal rights. Call us now at 844-685-8600 for a Free Case Evaluation.

You could be entitled to much more if you have received a substantial number of calls from Nationwide Insurance

Under the TCPA (Telephone Consumer's Protection Act) you are entitled to damages of $500 up to $1,500 per call!

This is money you could possibly receive only by opting OUT.

You are still in time to opt out, even if you have filed claim in the class action suit. Don’t miss this chance to get what you deserve

Can Lemberg Law Help You Get The Compensation You Deserve From the ContextLogic TCPA Text Class Action Lawsuit?

Yes. We’ve helped more than 25,000 consumers recover more than $50 million. WE CAN HELP YOU, TOO!


This is not a website to file a settlement claim. The information on this page is to help assist you in evaluating the possibility of OPTING OUT of the class action settlement to potentially RECOVER MORE MONEY you could be entitled to. If you have questions please fill out our FREE CASE EVALUATION form or call 844-685-8600

  • Dolores M

    harrasment from the childrens place

  • Peggy A

    i keep getting calls ,from all over the world. about insurance, car warranties which I don’t have. and they call all day and into the evening while trying to sleep for work the next day. i have blocked these people and some how they keep calling. i have texted them to take me off their call list, but no luck. i have joined the No Call List and they seem to get through that also. So Annoying! Fed Up! I now have to turn my phone off, just to get some rest from all the ringing…

  • Jackie B

    I received two post cards about a class action against ContextLogic. I have looked for the forms to fill out but can’t seem to find them anywhere. Could you please tell me where I could find them? Thank you.

  • Maria N

    I got one of these post cards and want to know if this is real first of all. Second how do I get the claim form I have several friends that have gotten texts that did not sign up for them. Please tell me where to get the form for the wish texts.

  • Amy B

    What’s a better option for me. To opt out or file a claim. I have had several numbers since 2014,and have registered them all with wish. I have received calls and text from Nation Wide and lots of other insurance company’s as well. Still getting them to this very day. I have been with wish a very long time. Plus my father had an account with wish and has not stopped receiving those harrising calls and text msgs. from insurance company’s.

  • Crystal R

    I can not get the claim form. Where and how do I get one? Please let me know.

  • Tonya R

    I remember those annoying people.i just got a post card talking about a lawsuit for those annoying texts and phone calls.if i could get more to opt out why not.im very curious.

  • Tracy M

    I would like to know if I could she. I would like legal help. I’ve been with wish longer than 2014. And I got this paper about this lawsuit. Where can I get the papers

  • conice a

    just to many text

  • Sandra R

    I received many texts

  • Sonia

    Am trying to get an application so i can file the lawsuit against wishtcpasettlement

  • Krista T

    I have been getting these aggravating calls and messages from this place and I believe I deserve compensation please let me know how to file a claim thanks

  • Julie M

    i have been receiving text messages from unknown websites. And i would like for them to stop sending me unknown messages.

  • Kasey S

    I have received this card in the mail something about if I fill out this form I will receive money are so things to I can get stuff of if wish please send me the form are text it to me so I can fill it out

  • Nate H

    Would like to no more about Olsen v Contextlogic Settlement

  • Mike B

    I was contacted by Wish.com through unauthorized texts

  • Stevie L

    Well I am really thinking that I deserve to really fight for this and deserve compensation above what the settlement is. I pay for my cell every month and telemarketing companies use my number more than I do . I counted calls I got one month from them and it was over 60 compared to the 13 I got from my own contacts.

  • Kay R

    I received a card about the Olsen vs. ContextLogic class action, saying a $16 million settlement has been reached, and if I want a payment, I must submit a claim form by Feb. 25, 2020, and if I do nothing, I exclude myself from the settlement. Do I have to submit a claim form in order to receive money from ContextLogic–I remember I was BOMBARDED with texts from them, and it was quite annoying!!!

  • Sharon B

    I like to know about the case I being dealing wish.com since 2014 and problem that need look into

  • Susan C

    I recieved two notices about a,claim settlement. Where ican i get the form to fill out or can you send me a form to fill out

  • JasonE

    I just got 3 notices saying I could get money from a class action settlement if I return a claim form

  • Will P

    I received a postcard about a class action lawsuit against ContextLogic,Inc I can’t seem to find the claim form to fill out could you send me some information

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