Coronavirus Lawsuits Filed Across The Country – Your COVID19 Legal Checklist

Have your rights as a consumer been violated as a result of Coronavirus Pandemic?

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  • Coronavirus Lawsuits Filed Across The Country – Your COVID19 Legal Checklist

You’re anxious. We know. We’re all in the same boat. Not only are we worrying about our very survival, we’re anxious about our finances. Lost jobs and reduced wages translate to unpaid bills, leading to evictions, collection agencies, and bad credit. We’re all feeling the pain.

That pain is made worse by companies, both big and small, who attempt to take advantage of us when we’re most vulnerable. It’s not always deliberate, and sometimes it’s due to circumstances beyond control or just plain ignorance of the law, but whatever the reason, no one should trample your rights in their battle to survive.

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Have you been a victim of:

  • Harassment from debt collectors for unpaid bills related to Covid-19
  • Unjust or inappropriate late fees, garnishments, or negative credit reporting from debt collectors
  • Gyms and health clubs continuing to charge membership fees during the shutdown
  • Banks, lenders, and mortgage companies violating your rights
  • Unfair foreclosure or eviction
  • Employers who fire you unlawfully, refuse to pay overtime, sick time, or force you to labor in unsafe conditions
  • Fraudulent marketing schemes for products claiming to prevent or cure Covid-19
  • Price gouging
  • Insurance policies refusing to adhere to their original terms
  • Health insurance companies refusing coverage
  • Schools and universities refusing to issue tuition and room and board refunds during the shutdown
  • Companies that will not issue refunds for subscription services not used
  • Cruises, airlines, resorts, etc that refuse to issue refunds for vacations not taken

…and more

We know how important it is to have someone on your side who knows the law and is willing to fight for you. Don’t let your financial stability be ruined by the pandemic. If you’ve found yourself dealing with fraudulent companies, harassment, negative credit reports, unfair charges, and bad businesses that simply do not want to acknowledge that the pandemic is a force majeure beyond anyone’s control, call us today, before you pay. Our experienced attorneys and staff will tell you what your rights are and assist you in navigating the minefield created by a job loss that was beyond your control. Lemberg Law is on your side. Let us worry about the bad businesses out to take advantage of ordinary consumers, so you can recover from your loss.

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