Coronavirus and Wrongful Termination

You may have a claim if you feel you were forced to work in unsafe conditions during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Job loss. Evictions. Foreclosures. Unpaid bills. Once the fight to survive Covid-19 ends, the battle to escape financial ruin begins. Unexpected job loss resulting from the pandemic will spell economic disaster for millions of Americans. But it doesn’t have to be that way-not if you know your rights. If you are being taken advantage of in this time of national crisis, here are some steps you can take so businesses and institutions out to make a buck off the Coronavirus pandemic don’t get away with it.

What is the difference between being furloughed, laid off and terminated?

Furloughed, terminated, laid off…knowing your employment status is essential to determining whether your rights are being violated. If you have been furloughed, essentially you are on “hold”-you are still employed, but you are currently not working or being paid. However, you should still be receiving benefits. This status differs from laid-off and terminated, both which mean you no longer work for your company and will not be receiving health and retirement benefits.

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Am I eligible for unemployment benefits if I was laid off or terminated?

If you have been laid off or terminated and your regular payday has passed without payment of your outstanding wages, immediate payment may be required according to state law. Contact your state’s Department of Labor for further information.

I was wrongfully terminated for refusing to work in unsafe conditions. What are my rights?

The law affords you some basic rights for being able to work in a safe, clean environment, particularly if you are working with the public and risking infection. But you can be fired from your job for not showing up or refusing to show up, even if you don’t feel safe. However, if you are immunocompromised, you may be able to work out an arrangement with your workplace under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Perhaps you can work at home or be furloughed until the situation improves. Right now, it is unclear how the law will be interpreted if the immunocompromised individual is not you, but a loved one in your home. Current federal guidelines suggest regular disinfection of high traffic areas in public places (such as cash registers in supermarkets) increased air circulation and six feet social distancing. If you feel your workplace is failing to adhere to these standards, first point it out to your manager or supervisor, and if they do not fix the problem, call OSHA or get in touch with an attorney. Employers cannot sanction employees who blow the whistle on unsafe practices.

How Lemberg Law can help.

We know how important it is to have someone on your side who knows the law and is willing to fight for you. Don’t let your financial stability be ruined by the pandemic. If you’ve found yourself dealing with uncooperative employers, financial and educational institutions, debt harassment, negative credit reports, unfair charges, and bad businesses that simply do not want to acknowledge that the pandemic is a force majeure beyond anyone’s control, call us today, before you pay. Our experienced attorneys and staff will tell you what your rights are and assist you in navigating the minefield created by a job loss that was beyond your control. Lemberg Law is on your side. Let us worry about the bad businesses out to take advantage of ordinary consumers, so you can recover from your loss.

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