Coronavirus and Gym Membership Fees

Is your gym is still charging you monthly membership fees after COVID-19 shutdown? You could be entitled to reimbursement


Evictions. Foreclosures. Unpaid bills. Once the fight to survive Covid-19 ends, the battle to escape financial ruin begins. Unexpected job loss resulting from the pandemic will spell economic disaster for millions of Americans. But it doesn’t have to be that way-not if you know your rights. If you are being taken advantage of in this time of national crisis, here are some steps you can take so businesses and institutions out to make a buck off the Coronavirus pandemic don’t get away with it.

Is your gym still charging you membership fees during the COVID-19 outbreak?

There was a time when you could afford that high-priced gym membership. You hardly noticed the dues being deducted each month. But now the gym is closed, you’ve lost your job, and they’re still charging you-for a membership you can’t use and can’t afford. It doesn’t seem fair. Well, it’s not. The pandemic may be considered a “force majeure,” which is a legal term meaning an unseen catastrophic event. Consumer Protection Law states that when this occurs, your membership fee should be cancelled. You should not be charged for equipment you could not use. That’s unfair.

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What can you do to stop them from auto charging your card?

If you discover you are still being charged for a gym membership you cannot use, there are steps you can take to fix it. Many gyms are anxious to retain their members and will refund their fees upon request. Therefore, your first step is to contact the gym and ask them to reverse the charge. If this does not work, the next step is to contact your credit card company and ask them to reverse the charge or refund it. The best way to undertake this is by sending a written letter via certified mail. This will not only help you get your money back, it can be used as evidence that you disputed the charge if the unpaid bill negatively impacts your credit score.

What if they do not stop charging your card?

If, after taking these steps, your gym still refuses to reverse the charges, then it would be a good time to contact an attorney who can evaluate your case and explore options for you to get your membership money back, including taking them to court individually or as part of a class action.

How Lemberg Law can help.

We know how important it is to have someone on your side who knows the law and is willing to fight for you. Don’t let your financial stability be ruined by the pandemic. If you’ve found yourself dealing with fraudulent companies, harassment, negative credit reports, unfair charges, and bad businesses that simply do not want to acknowledge that the pandemic is a force majeure beyond anyone’s control, call us today, before you pay. Our experienced attorneys and staff will tell you what your rights are and assist you in navigating the minefield created by a job loss that was beyond your control. Lemberg Law is on your side. Let us worry about the bad businesses out to take advantage of ordinary consumers, so you can recover from your loss.

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