Massachusetts Minimum Wage

If you work in Massachusetts, you’re entitled to the minimum wage.

The minimum wage in Massachusetts is $11.00 per hour. This applies to everyone except employees who receive more than $20 per month in tips earn $3.75 per hour. However, to be paid this rate, they must receive at least $11.00 per hour when wages and tips are combined, and all tips must be kept by the employee or distributed through a valid tip-pooling system

Massachusetts Meal Breaks

Massachusetts law states that those who work more than six hours are entitled to a 30-minute meal break. This does not apply to certain industries, such as iron works, glass works, paper mills, print works, bleaching works, and dyeing works.

Massachusetts Pay Days

Massachusetts law mandates that employers pay workers within six days after the pay period ends, or seven days if your workweek is seven days long.

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