Frost Arnett Company Collection Complaints. Stop the Calls

Many consumers bring up complaints about harassing collection calls

Frost Arnett Company is a debt collection agency which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might be calling, and how you can stop them.

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What is Frost Arnett Company?

Frost-Arnett is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and offers delinquent and non-delinquent accounts receivable management services to over 2,000 healthcare clients across the country ranging from healthcare systems to individual physicians. The company was originally founded in 1893.

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How many Complaints are there against Frost Arnett Company?

As of September 2017, the Better Business Bureau reported 55 closed complaints against Frost Arnett Company during the last 3 years, including 19 closed within the last 12 months. The majority of the complaints are related to billing / collection issues. Overall, the Better Business Bureau has assigned a rating of A+ to Frost-Arnett. In addition, Justia lists five complaints filed in federal court against Frost-Arnett during the last 12 months, four of which allege violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and one that sought a notice of removal. Further, the Consumer Financial Protections Bureau (CFPB) lists 28 closed Frost-Arnett complaints during the last 12 months.

Can I file a lawsuit against Frost Arnett at no charge to me?

Absolutely. Here is a brief summary of Cases Filed in Federal Court Against Frost Arnett Company

In December of 2014 Regina Sholinsky filed a class action suit against Frost Arnett Company alleging that Frost-Arnett violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by using unfair and unconscionable collection practices as well as sending mail to consumers that revealed information other than the debt collector’s address. Frost-Arnett agreed to resolve the suit via settlement that included a payment of $90,000.00 to class members.

Frost Arnett Contact Information

Frost-Arnett Company
2105 Elm Hill Pike STE 200
Nashville, TN 37210
Phone Number: 615-256-7156

Frost Arnett Calling You?

Understanding your Debt Collection Rights

If you are being contacted by a debt collector you should know that there are certain rules and requirements that debt collectors must follow. The rules are laid out in a law passed by Congress called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or the FDCPA. The FDCPA states that within five days after the debt collector contacts you for the first time, they are required to send you a written notice with certain information. The information must include specifics about the debt and inform you how to access more information about the debt. It must also notify you of your right to dispute the debt within 30 days. If the debt collector does not provide this written notice within the required time period, then they may be in violation of the FDCPA. For violations of the FDCPA, consumers can recover up to $1,000 in statutory damages, plus attorney fees and court costs.

Phone Numbers Used by Frost-Arnett

Like most collection agencies, Frost-Arnettuses a variety of phone numbers to contact consumers. Consumers have told us that that receive Frost-Arnett calls from the following numbers:





Want to Stop Frost Arnett Debt Collection Harassment Now?

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What Our Clients are Saying

“I was almost going nuts receiving calls every afternoon from a person using profane language to push me to pay debts I don’t owe. Someone I trust referred me to Lemberg Law, and I don’t regret having contacted them. The attorneys were very kind and always available when I needed them.”

“Thank you for standing with me Lemberg Law. I was so afraid I could lose my job because of a caller who called my job number 4 hours straight back to back. He not only harassed and threatened me but also abused workmates who received the call when I wasn’t around. Since I solicited for your services, I’ve had a peace of mind, and I’m happy because of the few dollars I got as a settlement.”

Can You Help Me Delete Frost Arnett from My Credit Report?

Chances are good that we can help.  Call us today and we’ll explain.

Can Your Firm Help me Deal with Frost Arnett?

In short, the answer is yes. Contact us to find out more.

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  • Trish Roseman

    Frost Arnett has sent me a letter claiming that I have never paid on a debt that I have been paying every month for 3 years and 9 mos. I had open heart surgery which caused a hemorragic stroke in Jan of 2015. It has left me without the use of my right side. I am currently walking with a cane, and cannot work. I collect only Social Security benefits as my sole income. The doctor has been not accepting partial payment of $10.00 per month on a $5,000 debt which is the reason I have been placed with Frost Arnett in the first place.I have returned the letter to them with a note stating that I have been paying this debt and for how long. Is there anything I can do to rectify this situation? You may contact me by email only.

  • Brenda Blevins

    Getting a bill that I have no idea what from and does not have information as by law is required.

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