Kimball Tirey & St. John KTS Collection Complaints?

We Stop Unwanted Calls and Debt Collector Harassment.

Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP or KTS is a debt collection agency, which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might be calling, and how you can stop them.

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What is Kimball Tirey & St. John – KTS?

Kimball, Tirey & St. John is a law firm in San Diego, California, formed under this name in 1997. Also known as KTS, this firm represents landlords in every imaginable type of real estate law, including legal actions to collect delinquent rent, defending landlords against complaints filed under fair housing laws, evictions from both residential and commercial property, and evictions after foreclosure.

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Is Kimball Tirey & St. John a scam?

They’re legit. Kimball, Tirey & St. John is al legitimate debt collection firm with an extensive history of harassing consumers over debts, especially military personnel. Advertising that it has collected over $160 million for its clients and that it is forceful in collecting on judgments, Kimball, Tirey & St. John uses tactics such as bank levies, wage garnishments, and drilling safe deposit boxes to collect money from consumers. While its clients are located exclusively in California, this firm has contacts in all 50 states to help it pursue consumers who move to other states.

In 2016, Kimball, Tirey & St. John settled with California’s Attorney General, who had alleged that they unlawfully evicted military families from military housing complexes in Southern California. The law firm agreed to pay $200,000 to the state and write off $52,000 in debt for the servicemembers impacted.

Who are we? We are Lemberg Law, a Consumer Law Firm

Lemberg Law is a consumer law firm helping victims of collection harassment and abuse. We are ranked A+ by the BBB. We’ve helped more than 15,000 consumers stop harassment and recover money from debt collectors. Harassed? Abused? Misled by a collector? Call our Helpline today!  There is no charge unless we win.

How many complaints are there against Kimball Tirey & St. John?

As of April 2017, the Better Business Bureau reported 16 closed Kimball, Tirey & St. John complaints within the previous three years, including 12 closed Kimball, Tirey & St. John complaints within the previous 12 months. The BBB gives Kimball, Tirey & St. John an A+ rating. In addition, Justia lists one Kimball, Tirey & St. John complaint filed in federal court in the past year alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Furthermore, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) lists 37 closed Kimball, Tirey & St. John complaints for 2016.

Contact Information

Kimball, Tirey & St. John, LLP
7676 Hazard Center Drive, Suite 900
San Diego, CA 92108
Phone Number: 800-338-6039

Can Kimball Tirey & St. John Sue Me or Garnish My Wages?

It is illegal for a debt collector to make empty threats to sue you or garnish your wages. It is also unlikely Kimball, Tirey & St. John would sue you for a debt you may not owe or they cannot validate. However, debt collection agencies are known to have summoned debtors to court and garnish wages after a default judgement. Contacting an attorney BEFORE this could possibly happen would be a smart move. We’ve helped thousands of consumers fight back against unscrupulous debt collection harassers. Find out if we can help you too today!

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Unlawful Debt Harassment? Learn the Law & Sue the Collector.

Can you help me file a No Fee Lawsuit against Kimball Tirey & St. John?

Absolutely. Here’s an example of a case filed against Kimball, Tirey & St. John in federal court.

In 2012, a judge in U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, denied Kimball, Tirey & St. John’s motion to dismiss Derr vs. Kimball, Tirey & St. John for alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and California’s Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In his decision, the judge outlined the allegations that the consumers were an elderly couple whose only source of income was Social Security. For 32 years, they supposedly rented an apartment and were never late on a rent payment. One month they didn’t have the entire rent and made arrangements to pay it with the next month’s rent, but the landlord sent the account to Kimball, Tirey & St. John for collection. When the couple made up the payment, the landlord refused the accept it and said they were being evicted. At the courthouse just before a trial for an unlawful detainer action, the elderly couple didn’t have an attorney, but the Kimball, Tirey & St. John attorney told them that they owed four months’ rent, attorneys’ fees, and court costs. When they protested that the landlord refused to accept the rent, the attorney offered to settle if the couple moved out within 30 days. The attorney refused to communicate the couple’s counteroffer to the landlord, so the couple felt they had no other choice but to accept the attorney’s offer. After they signed the court papers, they discovered that they had unwittingly agreed to pay more than $5,000 in addition to moving out. The story goes on, but the couple asserted that Kimball, Tirey & St. John violated the FDCPA, and Kimball, Tirey & St. John argued that the couple could not state a claim. The judge outlined and refuted each argument, and denied the debt collection law firm’s motion to dismiss the case.

Kimball Tirey & St. John Calling You?

Federal laws protect you. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) regulates the behavior of collection agencies by prohibiting actions such as the use of abusive or threatening language; harassment; or the use of false or misleading information to collect a debt. The FCRA regulates how collection agencies and creditors report delinquent debts to credit reporting agencies. Additional consumer protection laws include the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA).

But here’s the rub: If you want to enforce your rights, or recover money for violations — you need to sue. These laws provide individuals like you with a means to seek monetary damages in court. For example, the FDCPA allows consumers who have been violated to recover damages of up to $1,000, plus attorney fees and court costs.

Want to Stop Kimball Tirey & St. John Debt Collection Harassment Now?

Your debt harassment checklist:

  • You are receiving multiple calls per week from third party collection agencies
  • You are receiving early morning or late night calls from debt collectors
  • You are recieving calls at work from a debt collection agency
  • Debt collectors are calling your friends, neighbors, or coworkers
  • Collectors are threatening you with violence, a lawsuit, or arrest
  • A debt collector attempts to collect more than you owe
  • You are being threatened with negative credit reporting
  • A debt collector attempts to intimidate you
  • Criminal accusations are being made towards you
  • Use of obscene language during an attempt to collect
  • Automated robocalls are being made to your phone in an attempt to collect

Read more about your rights

What Our Clients are Saying

“I can’t begin to tell you how happy this makes me. It is really comforting to know that there are people willing to do the things you have done. I am very lucky to have found you guys, and was never worried about anything. I think that in the end was the best part for me, peace of mind. I have the release here and have signed it, I will fax it within the hour.”

“After several months of frustration with a debt collector, I finally called Lemberg Law. It was one of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made. Jody and her team were thorough, helpful, and above all else effective. I highly recommend their services and thank them for their continual efforts.”

“Never did I feel anything less than your most important client. I appreciate your service, and wish that more people were aware that there was a remedy for these vile creatures that call themselves collectors. Don’t get me wrong, I pay my debts, or at least try to, but these agencies know what they are doing is illegal and know that the person on the other end of the line probably doesn’t know that.”

Can You Help Me Delete Kimball Tirey & St. John from My Credit Report?

Chances are, we can. Call us and we’ll explain.

Share your story

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  • Daniel H

    I was in the military and lived on base, after I moved out, I got charged a cleaning fee even though I had professional cleaner come in and clean the home before we left. Fast forward 6+ years and KIMBALL TIREY & ST. JOHN has $590 debt on my credit and will not work with me to get it off my credit unless I pay every penny of the $590, I have talked and made smaller payments when I can afford to but it stays on my credit and they will not work with me to close the account.

  • Karen Murdock

    Back in2012 I rented apartment with two roommates.I trusted them.I was on SSI and I had payee .I had my payee pay my rent to one of the

    roomated.I thought the roomate was paying the landlord. The management was going to give us a breakfast in our honor onpr for being on time for the two years we lived there.Then suddenly a roomatexi moved out without giving any notice.W e were a Little short so it wad turned down

  • Mallory

    Garnishment initiated before the account showed on my credit, I tried to fight the original issue but my response to the suit was never filed with them for some reason (I still have all paperwork), I had put a deposit down but was still charged over the amount I should have owed, I was charged interest OVER what was due, The account is now paid in full and when I requested a deletion letter as to not have a continued hardship in finding a home for myself (I have been forced to sublet or live in hotels…) The original issue was rent that was late by 2 weeks. I sent in money to pay but still was forced out. This whole situation was completely wrong and I am still paying for it almost 5 years later

  • Adonis Whitehead

    I went to college in California for a week, and unknowingly signed a least before I left the next day. Now I owe over 3500$ to the apartment complex. I need help to try and get this account removed from my credit report.

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