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Lemberg & Associates Mentioned in Sacramento Bee Debt Collection Article

Lemberg & Associates Of-Counsel was quoted in the Sacramento Bee over the weekend. The article, written by Marjie Lundstromand, discussed the uptick in lawsuits against debt collection agencies by California consumers. Was noted that the poor economy means people have less money with which to pay their debts, which results in more aggressive debt collection tactics.

The article reported the increase in debt collection-related complaints to the Federal Trade Commission, as well as enforcement actions taken against rogue California-based debt collection agencies. Unsurprisingly, representatives of the debt collection industry portrayed themselves as victims of consumer attorneys, unclear laws, and consumers who file multiple lawsuits. But the article also sheds light on California’s debt collection statute, the Rosenthal Act, as well as the downright nasty practices engaged in by some debt collectors.

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