Lemberg Law files lawsuit against deceptive marketing site

When consumers search on the internet for legal help with debt abuse — they should find web sites from legit attorneys who are expert in these issues. Not from slippery middlemen who feign to be law firms, but just resell their contact to the highest bidder.

Lemberg Law LLC has filed a civil action lawsuit against Egeneration Marketing, Inc. for false advertising and deceptive acts and practices under the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Lemberg Law claims that through their operation of the website “StopCollections”, President of “E”generation Marketing, Christopher G. Iannella, and CEO, Daniel F. Mummolo, have actively engaged in a misleading advertising campaign that impacts FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practice Act) clients in the Connecticut Market.

The Boston based company generates leads for lawyers and law firms in connection with FDCPA, and while it is not a law firm nor is licensed to offer legal consultation, they have marketed themselves to solicit potential FDCPA clients.

Egeneration Marketing’s website offers users a “100% free legal consultation” relating to debt collection harassment, however this is designed to mislead consumers into believing that they are connected to lawyers providing legal services.

The website claims:

This site was created to help people like you connect with lawyers who can file successful claims against debt collectors who have violated your legal rights. Not only do you have a right to protect yourself from the unethical practices of debt collection agencies, you have a right to seek out damages when your rights have been violated. Request a free evaluation of your case to be connected with a lawyer who can help ensure your rights are not further violated by predatory collection agencies.

The website not only neglects to name any lawyer admitted in Connecticut but hides a disclaimer in small print at the very bottom of the site.

While there are acceptable forms of legal advertising among lawyers, “E”generation Marketing is being held accountable for purposefully deceiving consumers.

The leads that the website attracts from their false advertising is thereby sold to participating lawyers. Emails are sent to attorneys nationwide from the company marketing themselves as a “lead generation service.”

The misleading advertising helps “E”generation Marketing obtain a competitive edge against licensed law firms for client acquisition online while disregarding the following Connecticut Rules of Professional Conduct.

“Consumers deserve to be able to find and evaluate the best lawyers to help them with debt harassment, without misleading and illegal marketing shenanigans,” says Sergei Lemberg.

The Connecticut Law Tribune wrote a story on the claim. Read here.

See Case Filing Here

  • Lisa

    I completely agree with this! Scam! They are all about money & no care for clients whatsoever…

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