National Grid USA Sued for Debt Collection Harassment


On behalf of our client, Lemberg Law recently filed a complaint in Massachusetts Superior Court. The case, against National Grid USA, charges the company with violating state law and asks for statutory damages plus other relief.

Millions of cell phone calls are placed every day, but debt collection cell phone calls can get companies into trouble. Our client says that National Grid USA called his cell phone up to six times per week. In a single week in February, National Grid USA called our clients phone three times one day, and then three times the next day. It goes without saying that these kinds of repeated calls are both inconvenient and frustrating.

This lawsuit charges that National Grid USA violated the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act and Massachusetts Debt Collection Regulations.

  • Luis

    They keep calling even after I have paid my bill. The last time I specifically called them to pay with a rep who then charged me An additional $2 for the privilege of paying my bill. And the very next day they called me twice in 10min to call them about the account. If I had an option of a different gas company I would drop them like a bad habit.

  • Ting Z

    I received the same call as Mary Ann. I set up auto up with National Grid and there’s no changes with my bank account and my balance is ZERO when I sign in my National Grid account. Why did they call me and left this stupid message?

  • MARY A

    I am receiving the same phone calls. I paid my bill in full today and still received calls. One left a message saying it was urgent that I call 1-855-228-5140 because of a change in account status. I called and was put on hold and eventually they dropped the call. It seems like a scam to me or harassment. It kept me over half an hour from my work and now I am behind schedule. This could cause me to have problems at my place of work, not to mention the anxiety! Their way of billing is ridiculous and there is no transparency.

  • Linda H

    As of today, one call advising that there have been change in status made to my account. Must talk to me within 24 hours. left a phone # of 855-228-5140. National Grid angers me when at my former house, I had over $600 credit and it was Never notated on my bill. I ended up using excel to track my balance. New bills were sent stating my new bill, installment amount, last payment, and a confusing tally at the bottom. Online is even more amateurish accounting page. I am good at finances and math and I get confused.
    I have asked them to consider changing their bill format but there has been not response.

  • Christine

    Just today I got 17 calls from National grid here’s the number they call from 888-290-1637, I get calls 4X – 10 calls daily,I called them to stop that this is harassment the representative I spoke with said they will keep calling no matter what I say

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