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When you or your family members step on to a city transit or private bus, you entrust the bus driver, the bus company and a host of others with you and your loved ones’ safety and security. An accident is among the last things you’d expect. Yet, accidents happen.

What can happen if you are a victim of a bus accident?

A significant number of people are injured in accidents involving buses each year. Whether the incident involved a school bus, a motor coach or an ordinary city bus, buses are capable of causing extremely serious injuries to other motorists when they are involved in accidents. In addition, as many buses do not have safety features as airbags or seat belts, bus passengers can sustain severe injuries in the event of a crash, including traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, soft tissue injuries and even spinal cord injuries.

When a bus accident occurs, the consequences can be significant, both emotionally and financially, not only for the passengers on board but also for their dependents and loved ones.

Our legal system has in place a mechanism to insure the cost of bus crashes are borne by those at fault and not by the innocent passengers and their families. An injury that occurs while an individual is using bus transportation may entitle that person and/or his dependents and family members to significant compensation. An effective personal attorney can help you determine if you have a valid claim for your injuries, and, if so, how to maximize recovery from the responsible parties.

Bus accidents can leave victims with extremely serious injuries that result in losses such as medical expenses, lost income, loss of quality of life and physical emotion and pain and suffering. Fortunately, an attorney will understand how to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Here are some ways that a bus accident lawyer can help you after you have been injured in a bus crash

  1. Evaluate your case and determine whether you have a claim
  2. Communicate with the insurance company on your behalf
  3. Negotiate a settlement arrangement that adequately compensates you for your economic and emotional losses
  4. File a lawsuit on your behalf an represent you in court

It is important for victims to understand that insurance companies may try to take advantage of unrepresented parties by making unreasonably low settlement offers. For this reason, it is critical to speak to an attorney before you agree to any financial settlement that may affect your rights

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What to do when a bus accident happens

First, make sure that you and your loved ones receive prompt medical attention. because buses are commercial carriers, their personnel will generally cal for medical help for any passengers who might need it. Insist on a full medical evaluation of injuries, including tests for head, back and spinal injuries

Next – and as soon as possible – contact a reputable attorney with expertise in handling bus accident cases. There are many regulations that are specific to common carriers, such as bus companies and government transit lines, and experienced bus accident attorneys will be able to determine how they apply to your case. Also, statutes of limitations restrict the amount of time you have to file a claim after the crash, particularly if a government entity is involved. Government entities usually have shorter terms within which to file a bus accident claim. You should only entrust your case to a bus accident lawyer who has experience and proven results in similar cases, to ensure your case is handled competently and that the filing deadlines in your case are protected.

You may be entitled to compensation for any of the following:

  • Physical pain
  • Medical bills
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Mental Anguish
  • Lost wages
  • Disability
  • Home healthcare

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