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Railroad transportation is used by thousands of Connecticut residents everyday. Sadly injuries occur on trains due to speeding, sudden stops and derailment far too often. Train operators are required by law to treat passengers with the highest degree of care. A train accident lawyer can protect your rights.

What are the most common causes of train accidents?

Negligence is key when determining responsibility in the aftermath of an accident. There can be many hands to blame, just one, or an organization as a whole. The origin of the event determines who is liable for any rectification. If, for instance, the accident was caused by an employee not performing their duties diligently, fault lies with the company that operates the train service as they are the ones who hired and trained the employee. A faulty part might be due to the original manufacturer or oversight by the party in charge of maintenance. Once it is understood which is responsible, liability then falls on the group whose actions or inactions resulted in the accident.

Types of Train Accident Injuries

As a passenger on a railroad or commuter rail, there are inevitably multiple ways in which you could be injured. Whether this is a result of the crew’s negligence or a defect in the equipment, it still stands that you should not be subjected to unsafe conditions. Due to the high speeds of these vehicles, in the event of a sudden stop or change in movement, there are several opportunities for a passenger to be harmed. This includes falling while in the aisle, hitting one’s head on the seat in front of them, or crashing into the wall or window beside them. There are potential risks while riding trains due to regulations not specifying a need for a seat restraint. For instance, if someone is thrown from their seat and topples down the aisle due to a sudden acceleration, they are likely to sustain multiple injuries, such as head trauma or broken bones. Slip and fall accidents are not uncommon on trains, either. The walking surfaces are expected to be kept clean and free of debris or liquids, but this standard is not always maintained. Passengers may trip over bags left out in the aisle or fall while moving from one compartment to the next. These accidents may result in similar injuries as those accidents caused by sudden changes in accelerations. The most unlikely occurrence is collision with another train or derailment. If a train strikes another, the damage transcends the vehicle itself as its passengers are quickly put into harm’s way. When speaking of a train losing traction or falling off the track, partial or complete derailment can also cause injury or even death. Neither event, a crash or derailment, has a strong outlook for passengers. Both can very easily and very quickly result in the death of those traveling aboard.

Train Accident Statistics

In 2016, an estimated 2,025 collisions yielded 265 fatalities and nearly 800 injuries. This number is slightly larger than previous years when comparing fatalities but relatively similar overall. What this data shows is that the safety of railway transportation is neither increasing nor decreasing at a rate which deserves notice. No major advancements have been made in recent years that impact the well-being of passengers nor have there been any structural changes to the railroad systems currently in place that would negatively affect the safety of those traveling by these routes.

Next steps. How a train accident attorney can help you

If you or a loved one are involved in railroad accident, it is important that you know what to do next. The aftermath is often disorienting enough on its own, so throwing a legal into that mix may be detrimental to your stress levels and overall well-being. Lemberg Law is here to help. We recognize that this hardship does not define you, but it certainly has had a substantial, negative impact on your life. You are not alone in this. You may be eligible for compensation regarding one or more of the following:

• Physical pain

• Lost wages

• Disability

• Diminished quality of life

• Medical bills

• Home healthcare

• Mental Anguish

Our experienced train accident attorneys at Lemberg have the knowledge and drive to ensure you are treated respectfully and that your case is handled with the professional care you deserve. Our lawyers are here to help bring back your peace of mind.

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