In addition to being one of the nation’s top consumer law firms, Lemberg Law is also recognized for delivering insightful analyses on a variety of topics relevant to consumer law.

Data Analyses

Federal databases contain a wealth of information about consumer complaints, but they often never see the light of day. Lemberg Law does a deep dive into the data to uncover patterns, and then produces insightful analyses highlighting what consumers need to know.

3 Shocking CFPB Consumer Complaint Trends

These “Dirty Dozen” Phone Numbers Trigger Thousands of Consumer Complaints

Revealing FCC Data on Robocalls and Telemarketing Calls

White Papers

Some topics deserve a second look. Managing Partner Sergei Lemberg directs studies that connect the dots between issues of concern to consumers, attorneys and judges, and governmental regulation and oversight. The resulting white papers have implications for the development of public policy around consumer law.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau vs. Private Right of Action (April 2015): Effectiveness in Obtaining Financial Relief for Victims of FDCPA Violations: Lemberg Law reviewed 2014 data on CFPB complaint resolution and lawsuits alleging violations of the FDCPA in federal district court, and concluded that consumers are more successful in attaining monetary relief when exercising their right to sue than when filing a complaint with the CFPB.

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How Fair Debt Collection Laws are Thwarted by Routine Judicial Fee Slashing (May 2015): Lemberg Law examined randomly selected cases between 2011 and early 2015 to determine whether judicial activism has a chilling effect on consumers’ ability to exercise their right to sue debt collection agencies that violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The examination revealed that courts routinely slashed the attorney fee awards that enable consumers to level the playing field. Over the same time period, the number of FDCPA cases filed in federal courts fell dramatically even though consumer complaints about debt collection activities held steady.

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