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Lemberg Law is committed to sharing information that impacts consumers’ finances, health, and safety. We invite you to delve deeper into topics that interest you.

The Latest News

The Lemberg Law blog features articles covering a range of relevant topics. We highlight companies that target consumers for harassment, and discuss automobile defects that may lead cars to be considered lemons. We review changes in state and federal laws and regulations that impact consumers, and focus on the ways in which consumers can level the playing field by taking law-breaking companies to court. Plus, we announce Lemberg Law’s class action investigation and other news about the firm.

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Research & Consumer Complaints

Folks often don’t realize that federal and state agencies offer channels for consumer complaints. Lemberg Law delves into government consumer complaint databases, looks for revealing patterns, and shares fresh and insightful analyses. We also connect the dots to consumer law and offer people practical mechanisms to assert their rights and address their problems.

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