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Money isn’t everything, but when your rights have been violated it can go some way to making things right.

At Lemberg Law, we think big, and we deliver big. Over $50 million recovered for our clients since 2006!

Whether you’re being harassed by debt collectors, were injured, or found yourself in possession of a lemon car, we’ll fight to get you the best possible outcome, either in damages or via a substantial out-of-court settlement.

We specialize in a few practice areas where people like you have been wronged or hurt, and we have the track record to prove it.

What kind of settlement can you expect? 

Thousands of dollars — that’s what we often recover for our clients. At Lemberg Law we’ve recovered more than $50 million for over 20,000 victims of consumer rights violations nationwide in more than a decade of service.

If you’ve been the victim of debt abuse or phone harassment, you count receive several thousand dollars. If your car is a lemon, you could receive a buyback, a replacement car, or a several thousand dollar settlement. If your employer underpaid your overtime, that’s also thousands.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, many more factors come into play, and our attorneys can help you consider your realistic damages and evaluate your case.