Security Credit Services or SCS Collections Complaints. Stop the Calls

Many consumers bring up complaints about harassing collection calls

Security Credit Services LLC or SCS is a debt collection agency which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might be calling, and how you can stop them.

  • Rikki Ebenal

    Security Credit Services has reported a debt on my credit I do not owe. I have no idea what it is and it’s dropped my credit 83 points causing a lot of harm to us right now.



  • Bradley Besselman

    I have SCS on my credit report when i applied for a apartment today wanting $1400 i never heared of this company and it is hurting me badly i need this removed to get approved i need help now

  • Regina McClellan

    I have just had them report on my credit report for $526. That probably was them that was calling and hanging up. Someone kept doing that. Then it miraculosly appeared on my credit report as a collection item. I have fraud alert on my credit report and I’m having difficulty with fraud on my credit. It’s hurting my credit badly. P

  • roberta Hewitt

    I’m 31 years old I have two children I’m trying to buy my first place my credit score is it for 80 and I have never put my name on messing anyting I’ve never been in real legal trouble I’ve never been evicted why is my score so low so I looked it up on Credit Sesame and it says that I have an outstanding collection debt from SCS for $3,000 this sounds like a case of stolen identity and I would like to taking care of as soon as possible please call me back not to harass me this time

  • Lucy Williams

    I applied for a apartment and Security Credit Services is on my credit report for$1835.00 I checked everything. I have moved prior to learning this was on my report in 2017. I need this off my credit so I can be approve. I need to relocate for employment in a different city. This was not on my credit before. What can I do?

  • Kristine M Gowans

    I was contacted by Alliant Capital who stated that they took over an acct. from Security Credit Services. Apparently this was for something purchased from a store called Get To Sleep in May of 2017 and financed in the amount of $2177. I told her that I never heard of this store nor did I ever purchase anything at all from them or finance anything. I called Security Credit Services, but they just referred me back to Alliant Capital. Nobody offered to give me any debt verification although Alliant Capital stated I was sent a letter from Security Credit Services – I NEVER received such a letter. I was also told I provided income information from Target. I have NEVER worked for Target in my life. When I search online for a store called Get To Sleep nothing comes up and when I search Security Credit Services and Alliant Capital they both come up as fraudulent debt collectors. This debt has appeared on my credit report and I have disputed it with all 3 credit bureaus. My credit has taken some hits in the past and I have been on the road to repairing it, so this has set me back. Again, this is NOT my debt…..never even heard of any of these companies nor have I purchased anything from that store EVER. Can you help me?

  • Georgina Chavez

    This company is on my report as of January 1,2018 $1181.00 and I have no idea what this. Can you help?

  • Nikki Burke

    Back in 2013 I went to Sears and did a lease purchase on a mattress. On the day I purchased, I gave Sears my debit card and they hit my account for $205. Every month for 5 months it was hit for $205. By the 6th month Sears received a total amount of $1,230. My debit card was not touched again. Well fast forward to about 3 years later in 2016 I checked my credit report and this Security Credit Service was on my credit for $1,044. I never received any communication in those 3 years that this Sears account was not paid. After my 6th payment and $1,230 later I thought it was paid in full. Now I feel after Sears stopped touching my account it was taken care of and to not have any written or oral communication through the years on why a 3rd party debt collection agency hit my credit report for more money is beyond me. I reached out to Sears in 2016 and was told they have no idea what happened …. not sure what to do here?! I’m not going to pay more money when I was under the impression that this was only $1,230 mattress. Thank You…hopefully you can help me.

  • Rosa L

    Security Credit Services, LLC is taking me to court on march 13th, through a local attorney here for a debt that I never had with them. They bought a contract from Tempoe, which I do owe, however I NEVER signed a contract with this Security Credit Services, so how can I owe them? They are suing for breach of contract but there NEVER WAS A CONTRACT!! HELP!

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