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Many consumers bring up complaints about harassing collection calls

Seterus Inc is a residential mortgage servicing company which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might be calling, and how you can stop them.

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What is Seterus Inc?

Seterus, Inc. is a mortgage loan servicer  based in Oregon. Seterus has received consumer complaints, some of them alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) such as misrepresentation and improper sharing of information. If you have been contacted by Seterus regarding your home loan, make sure you understand your rights before responding.

According to its website, Seterus Inc us is “one of the nation’s leading specialty loan servicing companies, [offering]…fully integrated loan servicing…consisting of experienced, skilled professionals using leading technology.”

A review from a consumer on the BBB website reads:  “They are NOT in the mortgage business at all! They act more like a collections agency. They do not want you to pay your mortgage, they want you to default so that they can get your house.”

Seterus services home loans that have been transferred from the original lender. As a result, many of these loans may be in default or in danger of defaulting. The Homeowner Assistance tab of Seterus’ website offers serval options for people “experiencing a financial hardship and having difficulty paying their mortgage.” For homeowners experiencing difficulty paying their mortgages, Seterus offers three basic options: loan modifications; short selling; and deed sales. These options are designed to assist homeowners to avoid foreclosure. Seterus accepts applications on the internet, by mail, and via overnight courier.

For homeowners currently not in default, Seterus’ Homeowner Resources page encourages enrollment in autopay; visiting the website; contacting the Department of Housing and Urban Development; and checking their credit reports annually. In addition, there is a New to Seterus tab with a brief list of Frequently Asked Questions and a Request a Payoff Quote tab for homeowners interested in paying off their balances at a reduced rate.

How many Complaints are there against Seterus Inc?

The BBB has closed 532 complaints against Seterus Inc in the past three years. Since March 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has received 873 complaints against Seterus. Justia lists at least 45 cases of civil litigation naming Seterus as a defendant.

Can you help me file a No Fee Lawsuit against Seterus Inc?

Absolutely. Here are some Sample Cases against Seterus Inc.

In December 2015, in the United States District Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, a judge issued a decision in a case alleging Seterus’ business practices had violated the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). Previously, the plaintiff had filed a complaint alleging violations of the FDCPA and the Florida Consumer Collections Practices Act (FCCPA) in which the court had granted summary judgement in favor of Seterus. In this case, the plaintiff appealed that decision. Initially, the plaintiff had taken out a loan of $160,000 in 2004 to secure a mortgage for a home. He defaulted on the home loan in August 2012, and Seterus began servicing the loan in October 2012. Because the loan was in default, Seterus had begun foreclosure proceedings. The plaintiff asked Seterus to reinstate the mortgage in August 2013, which required that he meet “certain conditions, including paying all sums due; curing any defaults; paying any expenses incurred in the process; and taking any other actions that may be reasonably required. In September 2013, Seterus sent the plaintiff a letter indicating the total amount to reinstate the mortgage was $15,569.64. This amount included $3,175 in “estimated attorney’s fees.” The plaintiff paid the entire amount and the loan was reinstated. Seterus refunded the $3,175 in estimated attorney fees in November 2013, and subsequently, the plaintiff sued Seterus for two separate violations of the FDCPA.

The first violation cited the prohibition against “the collection of any amount (including any interest, fee, charge, or expense incidental to the principal obligation) unless such amount is expressly authorized by the agreement creating the debt or permitted by law” The second violation cited the prohibition against using “any false, deceptive, or misleading representation or means in connection with the collection of any debt, including the false representation of (A) the character, amount, or legal status of any debt; or (B) any services rendered or compensation which may be lawfully received by any debt collector for the collection of a debt.”

Initially, the court granted summary judgement to Seterus because Seterus had identified the estimated attorney fees as estimates rather than actual fees, but the appeals court agreed that the FDCPA’s provision prohibiting “the false representation of any ‘compensation which may be lawfully received by any debt collector for the collection of a debt’…was violated… when Seterus demanded that the plaintiff pay estimated attorney’s fees before it would reinstate his loan, because Seterus could not ‘lawfully receive’ those fees…whether the plaintiff believed it was entitled to those fees” or not. Similarly, the appeals court reversed the earlier decision and found Seterus in violation of the FCCPA, which states that collection agents cannot “claim, attempt, or threaten to enforce a debt when such person knows that the debt is not legitimate, or assert the existence of some other legal right when such person knows that the right does not exist.”

Seterus Inc Contact Information

Seterus, Inc.
14523 SW Millikan Way STE 200
Beaverton, OR 97005-2352

Seterus Inc Calling You?

Understanding your Debt Collection Rights

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) are enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The FDCPA regulates the behavior of collection agencies by prohibiting actions such as the use of abusive or threatening language; harassment; or the use of false or misleading information to collect a debt.

The FCRA regulates how collection agencies and creditors report delinquent debts to credit reporting agencies. Additional consumer protection laws include the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA). The complaint above illustrates how these laws can be extremely effective tools to hold accountable collection agencies who fail to adhere to their provisions.

These laws also provide individuals with a means to seek monetary damages in court. For example, the FDCPA allows consumers who have been violated to recover damages of up to $1,000, plus attorney fees and court costs.

Seek legal assistance to find the relief you may be entitled to if you are having difficulty resolving disputes with a debt collection agency.

Want to Stop Seterus Inc Debt Collection Harassment Now?

Your debt harassment checklist:

  • You are receiving multiple calls per week from third party collection agencies
  • You are receiving early morning or late night calls from debt collectors
  • You are recieving calls at work from a debt collection agency
  • Debt collectors are calling your friends, neighbors, or coworkers
  • Collectors are threatening you with violence, lawsuit, or arrest
  • A debt collector attempts to collect more than you owe
  • You are being threatened with negative credit reporting
  • A debt collector attempts to intimidate you
  • Criminal accusations are being made towards you
  • Use of obscene language during an attempt to collect
  • Automated robocalls are being made to your phone in an attempt to collect

If a Debt collection is recorded on illegal charges or taking any other action that is against the law, to speak with a representative directly and immediately call 844-685-9200 for a free, no obligation case evaluation. You have every right to maintain debt collectors accountable, and an attorney can help.

What Our Clients are Saying

“The group at Lemberg Law was professional, courteous, and effective. Their grasp of consumer protection laws and guidelines are second to none, and they work extremely difficult to ensure this procedure is client-friendly.”

“After a few months of frustration with a debt collector, I eventually called Lemberg Law. It was among the best financial decisions I have ever made. Jody and her staff were comprehensive, useful, and above all else powerful. I highly recommend their services and thank them for their continual efforts.”

“I just wanted to let you know we received the check from your office on now and I wanted to take some time to inform you that we really appreciate all of your efforts in this matter.”

Can You Help Me Delete Seterus Inc from My Credit Report?

Chances are good that we can help.  Call us today and we’ll explain.

Can Your Firm Help me Deal with Seterus Inc?

In short, the answer is yes. Contact us to find out more.

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  • Tammy Mitchell

    I have no idea why Seterus says I owe them money. I have no debt with them at all. It’s crap and it’s hurting my credit.

  • Don Bradley

    Seterus took my mortgage several years ago from my original loan, and now they just drive me crazy with phone calls daily, they keep adding charges to my loan making it so much more than it started out, about 55K worth it seems, and they can’t seem to post the payments to the loan acct, they put it in my escrow acct and then say my monthly payment is past due when in fact I transfer my monthly payment to them the first of every month but they don’t post it right and calling them does no good you can never talk to anyone with any authority to do anything, all they do is want more money, which being retired and on a fixed income isn’t possible. These women often call with this holier than thou attitude, and I just tell them to drop the attitude or the call ends now. They say they want to help you but they do nothing to actually help you, just want more money is all they do. I’m so sick of them and the aggravation for the past few years, i’m going to try and put the house on the market and sell out, or just give it back to them and leave. I’m out of energy with them and can’t deal with it anymore!

  • George Satterwhite

    My mortgage was originally with Bank of America. I obtained a loan modification in 2011, which called for the payment to remain at $1250/mo until 2016. After that, the payments would go up by $100 each year until 2019. In Feb. 2015, the loan was sold to Seterus, which almost immediately jacked up the monthly payment to around $1350. Less than a year later, Seterus jacked up the payment to $1530. Less than a year later, they jacked it up to $1671. Now, 2 months after the new payment rate kicked in, Seterus has notified me that they are jacking it up to over $1730 to cover “escrow” expenses, which also include “hazard insurance”. They charge me about $1000 a year for that. I already have homeowner’s insurance with Nationwide Insurance. What do I need “Hazard Insurance” for? I have felt for a long time that Seterus is ripping me off, in violation of the terms of the original modification agreement that I signed with Bank of America. What recourse do I have against Seterus.

  • Fredrick (Fred) R Schneider

    I have been fighting Bank of America and Seterus for over nine years and it is one of the biggest ponzi schemes ever!! Bank of America is a big co-conspirator with Red Oaks Mergers, inc. (they created this company to allegedly acquire loans of Countrywide that were allegedly originated and “table funded” by CW, I believe they also created Urban Settlement Services, Inc. to aid in phony modifications as a supposed “attorney in fact” proposing that they represented B of A.
    Our own government is involved up to their eyeballs through the acquisition of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae back in 2008 through GSE and FHFA! Check out the “Morrow Case” in the great state of Montana who stood up to nasty, crooked B of A and the more recent case involving Urban Settlement Services, ins. and Bank of America in “GEORGE ET AL. V. URBAN SETTLEMENT SERVICES AND BANK OF AMERICA.
    The “Morrow Case” was settled out of court once pushed back down from the Supreme Court of Montana and read what Justice Laurie McKinnon had to say about Bank of America and be sure to read “chain of Title” by David Dayen- great and easy reading. We need a NATIONAL moratorium against ALL foreclosures and a group and honest and smart lawyers to take a stand against all these phony, racketeering lenders and they initially got bail out money, money from the National Settlement Act” and the nearly $17 BILLION dollar settlement with the USDOJ- ALL supposed to help us borrowers! My question is “where did the money actually go”? B of A and all the other crooks have spend BILLIONS if trying to cover up all that happened and continue to this day to conduct totally wrongful foreclosures. Semper Fi

  • Terrance

    Seterus is FLYING BY NIGHT as of March 1 2019 and taking the money they have extorted from your mortgage (under threats of throwing you in the street) with them, SUE THEM IMMEDIATELY OR LOSE THE MONEY THEY HAVE EXTORTED FROM YOU, OR WORSE, YOUR HOME

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