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Transworld Systems or TSI is a debt collection agency, which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might be calling, and how you can stop them.

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What is Transworld Systems – TSI?

Transworld Systems Inc or TSI is a third-party debt collection agency based in Northern California. TSI has received consumer complaints alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), including improper contact or sharing of information and threatening to take actions that cannot legally be taken. If you have been contacted by this debt collector, make sure you understand your rights before responding.

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Is Transworld Systems a scam?

They’re legit. Transworld Systems Inc isn’t a scam – it is a debt collection firm . They are a legitimate debt collection agency based in Pennsylvania that began business in 1970 and that also goes by the title TSI. The business collects an assortment of kinds of debt, including health care, higher education, financial services, dental, and yard care debt.

If you’ve suffered from TSI harassment, you do have options. Under the law you can recover up to $1,000 for violations of the FDCPA, and $500 to $1,500 for each cell phone robocall.

How many complaints are there against Transworld Systems – TSI?

As of May 2017, the Better Business Bureau reported 228 closed Transworld Systems complaints over the previous few decades, including 89 in the previous 12 months. Additionally, Justia recorded 67 lawsuits against TSI in the past year alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In addition to that, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recorded 776 closed complaints for 2016.

Actual Complaints Listed on the BBB website

“I contacted Transworld Systems regarding a fraud accounts that they are reporting to me credit i faxed over all information regarding the account and they company keeps telling me they never got the fax or that they are waiting for a validation letter from the original creditor i asked why they are requesting that when this account is fraud. This company has outsource their phone calls and nobody wants to transfer me to a supervisor so they can help me with my issue”

“I get calls from this company nearly every day and have for well over a year. They call from a bunch of different numbers, so I can’t even keep up with the blocks. They leave me messages directed toward someone else (not my name). I’ve called them back (or answered) multiple times and have told them they have the wrong number, please stop calling, but the calls continue. Very frustrating and I would like to see some sort of solution”

“These people constantly phone my home. One of them is an impossible fake debt for a woman they ask for, who has been dead for several years, and hence even if it was genuine is not only outside the statute of limitations. However no such debt was ever presented at her probate which was finalized by a Houston Judge. I am ignoring their threats completely. If it continues, I will take legal action. They also call for my wife, on a debt which is outside the statue of limitations

“When they are acting on behalf of the Department of Education, be sure to get both recorded and written documentation of EACH AND EVERY transaction/talk/discussion you have with them. Be sure you have clear and unambiguous understanding with the agent you speak with, and again make sure your documentation is clear and explicit, including recorded conversations. They’re recording you “for quality and training purposes” so you have every right to record them for “quality and accuracy in what they say” for when and if you need legal assistance in dealing with them. Don’t trust anything that is not in clear concise writing from them, and save all email communications from them. And for those of you who have non-educational debt they’re trying to collect, same thing, document with audio and written notes/statements everything you do with them. They will go back on their word in a New York pico-second, and you will have to catch them at it. Also if you’re not sure of whether or not the bill is indeed yours, THEY MUST PROVIDE AT THEIR EXPENSE, a letter explaining the origin of the debt. You would be wise to settle with the original creditor first. Also, get their physical address or an email you can write to in order to have them stop communicating with you except by US Mail. I strongly suggest the physical address and mailing that request with a Certified Return Receipt to a specified person. That way once the green card comes back and they call you…they’re in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You have signed proof for your lawyer. Long story short, don’t be afraid to ask them to validate your debt, don’t take any settlement agreement unless it is in writing, document every single transaction with them.”

Contact Information

Transworld Systems
2235 Mercury Way Ste 275
Santa Rosa, CA 95407-5413
Phone Number: 866-545-9191

Can Transworld Systems Sue Me or Garnish My Wages?

It is illegal for a debt collector to make empty threats to sue you or garnish your wages. It is also unlikely TSI would sue you for a debt you may not owe or they cannot validate. However, debt collection agencies are known to have summoned debtors to court and garnish wages after a default judgement. Contacting an attorney BEFORE this could possibly happen would be a smart move. We’ve helped thousands of consumers fight back against unscrupulous debt collection harassers. Find out if we can help you too today!

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Transworld Systems TSI Calling You?

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) are enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The FDCPA regulates the behavior of collection agencies by prohibiting actions such as the use of abusive or threatening language; harassment; or the use of false or misleading information to collect a debt.

The FCRA regulates how collection agencies and creditors report delinquent debts to credit reporting agencies. Additional consumer protection laws include the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA). The complaint above illustrates how these laws can be extremely effective tools to hold accountable collection agencies who fail to adhere to their provisions.

These laws also provide individuals with a means to seek monetary damages in court. For example, the FDCPA allows consumers who have been violated to recover damages of up to $1,000, plus attorney fees and court costs.

Seek legal assistance to find the relief you may be entitled to if you are having difficulty resolving disputes with a debt collection agency.

Consumers have reported this agency harassing them from the following numbers:

  • 3345578378
  • 8503064002
  • 8503066043
  • 7144826137
  • 8008165569
  • 5512055794
  • 7799702724
  • 4108260415
  • 4102376235
  • 4108260364
  • 4108260313
  • 4102376275
  • 4102376255
  • 8505419423
  • 3134388516
  • 5208339498

Stop Debt Collection Harassment

You may have a case, if…

  • You are receiving multiple calls per week from third party collection agencies
  • You are receiving early morning or late night calls from debt collectors
  • You are receiving calls at work from a debt collection agency
  • Debt collectors are calling your friends, neighbors, or coworkers
  • Collectors are threatening you with violence, a lawsuit, or arrest
  • A debt collector attempts to collect more than you owe
  • You are being threatened with negative credit reporting
  • A debt collector attempts to intimidate you
  • Criminal accusations are being made towards you
  • Use of obscene language during an attempt to collect
  • Automated robocalls are being made to your phone in an attempt to collect

If you’ve been harassed by debt collectors and even one of these has happened to you, we can help. We will fight for your rights.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“Thank you for all the work you’ve done on my behalf. I genuinely appreciate the blessing you have bestowed upon me. I didn’t realize I’d be getting any money from this wretched affair. I’m taken aback by what you have achieved in my behalf. This has proven better than I could have expected. I’m appreciative of your services and feel blessed. Thank you!”

“I could not believe it when my boss called me to his office and explained that he had been getting calls about me from collection agencies. OMG, I was so ashamed! Allow me to tell you how happy I am that I found you. Not only did you guys get the set calls to stop but you made them pay ME for calling my job. Seriously, I can’t thank you enough!”

“Know that you, Vlad, and your company did a fantastic thing. You took on a huge company for small people and righted a wrong. For this we are thankful.”

“When I first contacted Lemberg Law, I was at my wit’s end, not knowing what to do or how to protect myself against the collection agencies. I felt like I was sinking. After sending in my case evaluation, Lemberg Law quickly threw me a lifeline and turned the tide.”

Can You Help Me Delete Transworld Systems TSI from My Credit Report?

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Sound Off!

Have you had a bad experience with this agency’s debt collectors? Sound off and share your experience with other visitors in the comment box below.

  • Chrissy

    Please add 813-444-4805. These people are relentless. They have even taken to calling me at work daily when I stopped answering my cell for any unknown number. I figure it has to be illegal to harass someone at work.

  • Hugh E

    I have been receiving calls everyday twice a day sometimes from Trans World Systems for several weeks now. I assumed it was a scam or wrong number so I have been ignoring them. They leave messages instructing to call back Laran Von Gundi at 866-858-6729. They say they are a Dept collecting agency and will use all information they obtain for debt collections. That’s it, I know for certain I have no debt that would be in a position to be sent to a collection agency. I have never received any notice from any business that I was even behind on any payments. I don’t know who they are calling but when I got my home phone number on 9/30/17 I started getting dept collector calls, but they would mention a persons name I didn’t even know. After a while the calls stopped. Now this TWS is constantly calling everyday and from reading these reports I hesitate to call them back. I don’t know what I should do at this point I’m getting sick of the messages. Why do they not state the person they are trying to contact so you know if they are calling the correct number. Like I said it can’t be me I have no one that I owe an dept too. And have never received a notice from anyone about a delinquent payment.

  • Chris

    I am CONSTANTLY getting phone calls from this company! I refuse to answer any of their scamming calls, they’re calling me numerous times of the day and I am sick of it. I have blocked the phone number and it shows the same number calling, I know a scam when they don’t leave message and constantly calling. Be careful and cautious, USE YOUR GOD GIVEN SENSE before answering the questions they ask you. Whatever you do, DO NOT SAY YES TO ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE ON A RECORDED CALL. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR NAME, THEY CAN DO DAMAGE TO YOUR CREDIT AND STEAL ALL OF YOUR MONEY.

  • Richelle B

    Synchrony Bank is who held my Military Star card account. AAFES has garnished my retirement wages randomly over the last 6 years. I legally changed my name and submitted my name change into the RAPIDS system and DFAS. AAFES has my SSAN and has been successful at garnishing my wages under TOP.They transferred the debt to TSI in Dallas TX and proceeded to call my father who has the same first name I previously held and they threatened him.
    How can AAFES collect a debt via TOP that was under Synchrony Bank and then assign it to a private agency, TSI when they are collecting the funds for another non-government agency?

  • Ed R

    I keep getting phone calls from TSI. Transworld Systems Inc. I get phone calls everyday. The number is: +1 (877) 865-7686. I also get repeat harassment calls from a 369 area code. I block them and they keep calling back on different 369 area code numbers. They call up to 5+ times a day. Its gettig ridiculous. I told them to stop calling me, but they keep on! Im tired of all these harassing phone calls. Thanks!

  • Sheila D

    Called twice yesterday on a sunday and the day before. Each time telling them the person is not at this number and to stop calling

  • Beth S

    Receiving multiple calls a day from different phone numbers robots most of the time. have blocked maybe 10+ of transworld phone numbers and have over 25+ robo voicemails saved in my inbox. The annoyance is high and starting to take time out of my days.

  • Jodie Rodriguez

    They called me yesterday for my father. How did they even get MY number. The girl was rude and said she would remove my number but refused to even give me her name and a good contact number for my father to call them back. “Its on your caller id” that’s not professional at all. Also, please add this number 866-858-6729

  • Brian Seagraves

    I have never heard of this company and I have no idea what they are talking about but I received a correspondence from them via phone stating that I owe 200.00 for a ticket that I don’t even know about or I have never laid eyes on and then the rep proceeded to tell me I needed to pay 200.00 immediately to avoid this from going on my credit. I never received a ticket I have no idea what they are talking about in fact, I wasn’t even given an opportunity to even dispute this so called mystery ticket.

  • Jennifer Phetteplace

    They are calling multiple times a week from different #’s, and won’t give me any info regarding whom they are collecting for.

  • Anon

    Add: (520)-833-9498

  • John

    Add (850) 541-9423 and (313) 438-8516 to your phone list for TSI.

    • Lemberg Law

      Added, thanks!

  • Ronald L. Pilling

    Just received a garnishment letter from Transworld systems or ADP, hard to tell from garnishment letter.
    Letter says refer to this tracking number:
    If this is from AAFES/Base Exchange, that was discharged on my Chap 7 in 2011. They STILL send bills with fees, interest & penalties. The Treasury Dept sent a threatening letter some time ago about seeking garnishment. This cant be legal since it was included in my Chap 7- Please help!

  • Brian Wright

    I have been receiving calls from Transworld Systems for a debt owed to the University of Washington Medical Center. I get robo calls from them and they appear to be using different outbound phone numbers with different area codes. I did call them back once and I spoke with someone that said that they didn’t have any information about me, even when I gave them a reference number. I then went to their website to request detailed statements about the amount that I owe but never received any statements from them.

    Today, 12/12/2017, I called them again and when I told them that a prior representative didn’t have any information about me, the representaive seemed to chuckle when responding that “this was a trainee that probably didn’t know what he was doing”. I felt very uncomfortable with this response as the representative’s reaction was a way of saying “You’re lying”. I also requested that the documents and statements that I requested be either e-mailed of faxed to me as that is the best way to get invoices to me. They said that they don’t do e-mail or faxes and when I asked why, they said that they simply didn’t. They didn’t cite any privacy law (HIPPA) or anything else. At this point I lost my temper and told the representative to stop lying to me and to e-mail me the requested documents.

    The conduct of this company is appalling and while they may be a legitimate agency, they behave like scammers. I will not pay them one red cent until they send me the documents via a method of my choice.

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