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Many consumers bring up complaints about harassing collection calls

Weber & Olcese PLC is a debt collection agency, which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might calling, and how you can stop them.

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What is Weber & Olcese?

Jeffrey Weber was admitted to the Michigan Bar Association in 1994. Michael Olcese was admitted to the Michigan Bar Association in 1992.  The Weber & Olcese website states that these two attorneys established their law firm as a “creditors’ rights law firm” whose “clients include individuals and local businesses, as well as, national corporations, banks, financial institutions, lending companies and credit grantors.” Their stated mission is to change the culture of collections by providing their clients with “superior legal representation; results-oriented programs; personalized plans of actions; responsive client service; flexible fee structures; … [and] cutting-edge technology.” They refer to consumers as their “customers” who can expect “quality service with every interaction; a working relationship; [and] returning telephone calls and following up on promises.” Consumers contacted by this firm can expect to be “treated the way [Weber and Olcese representatives] would want to be treated” and to receive expert education about debt collection.

Buzzfile indicates that Weber & Olcese has been in business as a provider of legal services for 21 years; has an annual revenue of $3.4 million; and employs a staff of 23 at their headquarters.

In keeping with their philosophy as a “creditors’ rights firm,” the Weber & Olcese website does not mention anything about consumer protection laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), or the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Their web-based Contact from does not inform site visitors of their rights under the FDCPA.

How many Complaints are there against Weber & Olcese PLC?

The Better Business Bureau lists a total of only 4 consumer complaints against Weber & Olcese, and none of them provide any details. The two customer reviews are both negative and allege overly aggressive collection tactics and rude customer service. The BBB has given this firm a rating of A-. Justia lists at least 11 cases of civil litigation in which Weber & Olcese were named as a defendant.

Can you help me file a No Fee Lawsuit against Weber & Olcese?

Absolutely. Here Are Some Sample Cases against Weber & Olcese PLC

One sample cases against Weber & Olcese indicates why it may be so difficult to find information about the performance of a company of this size, and that has been in business for 21 years. In 2011 in United States District Court in the Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division, plaintiff Shanel Moore filed a complaint against Jeffrey Weber, Michael Olcese, and the Law Firm of Weber & Olcese, P.L.C., alleging improper actions on the part of “Robert Reznick and/or his company Due Process of Michigan, Inc. and/or its associates during the execution of an order to seize property.” According to the Judge’s Memorandum and Order Granting Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgement, Weber & Olcese obtained a default judgement against the plaintiff in the amount of $4,487.67 on behalf of Credit Acceptance Corporation. Again according to the Memorandum, Michigan law allows licensed court officers to seize the property of debtors to satisfy a judgement, and Weber & Olcese have a history of employing Robert Reznick and Due Process of Michigan when they “resort to actual execution on a judgement instead of settlement.” Acting on the judgement against the plaintiff, Weber & Olcese submitted to the 37th District Court in Warren, MI a request for an order to seize “personal property…includ[ing], but not limited to…money, wherever located.” After the order was approved, Weber & Olcese assigned it to Reznick, and on August 2, 2007, the plaintiff alleges that two men who “said they were Deputy Sheriffs and ‘in representation of Rob Reznick’” came to her apartment in Warren. One of the men was later identified as an employee of Due Process of Michigan. The judge’s memorandum indicates the plaintiff testified that the men told her to “come up with $2,500 or they were going to seize her property.”

Plaintiff testimony indicates two more men showed up, did not identify themselves and did not speak to the plaintiff. After two hours, the plaintiff was able to “get $1,500 wired to her from her mother… [and was required] to sign an agreement to make monthly $100 payments.” After the incident, the plaintiff filed a multi-count complaint. The judge’s memorandum dismisses the plaintiff’s complaint in its entirety citing a lack of evidence that Weber & Olcese, Robert Reznick, and Due Process of Michigan had either conspired to or in fact violated the plaintiff’s civil rights. The prevailing legal argument in this case may technically disprove the plaintiff’s claims; however, the FDCPA was enacted to prevent precisely the kind of abusive debt collection practices this case examined. Although Weber & Olcese appear to have found a way around federal laws by acting on Michigan state law, their conduct in this case appears to violate the spirit of the FDCPA, an examination of which is conspicuously absent throughout the discussion.

Press Releases of Lawsuits Brought On By Lemberg Law Against Weber & Olcese, P.L.C.

September 29, 2015. On September 21, 2015, the U.S. District Court, Western District of Michigan, gave preliminary approval of a class action settlement in Whitford v. Weber & Olcese (No. 1:15-cv-400). The court also preliminarily certified the following settlement class:

All persons with Michigan addresses to whom Weber & Olcese, P.L.C. mailed an initial debt collection communication that stated: “If you notify this firm within thirty (30) days after your receipt of this letter, that the debt or any portion thereof, is disputed, we will obtain verification of the debt or a copy of the judgment, if any, and mail a copy of such verification or judgment to you,” between April 15, 2014 and August 26, 2015, in connection with the collection of a consumer debt on behalf of Bank of America, N.A.

The hearing regarding final settlement will be held on January 11, 2016.

Weber & Olcese Contact Information

Weber & Olcese, P.L.C.
PO Box 1330
Birmingham, MI 48012
Telephone: 1-866-816-8118

Weber & Olcese Calling You?

Understanding Your Debt Collection Rights

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) is designed to protect the rights of consumers faced with debt collection. Other laws, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), extend and expand these rights. These laws require that collection agencies and their employees refrain from certain activities. Physical confrontation and threats such as those in the case above are very clear violations of the FDCPA. Other provisions prohibit using abusive or threatening language; making an excessive number of calls to the same person; calling someone at work after they have indicated they are not allowed to receive personal calls at work; and in some states calling before 8:00am or after 9:00pm.

Fortunately, the FDCPA’s protections are not limited to restricting and regulating the conduct of bill collection agencies. The FDCPA also provides a means for consumers who have been harassed to recover monetary damages of up to $1,000, plus attorney fees and court costs. Consider seeking assistance to find relief you are entitled to if you are concerned that your rights have been violated.

Want to Stop Weber & Olcese Debt Collection Harassment Now?

Your debt harassment checklist:

  • You are receiving multiple calls per week from third party collection agencies
  • You are receiving early morning or late night calls from debt collectors
  • You are recieving calls at work from a debt collection agency
  • Debt collectors are calling your friends, neighbors, or coworkers
  • Collectors are threatening you with violence, lawsuit, or arrest
  • A debt collector attempts to collect more than you owe
  • You are being threatened with negative credit reporting
  • A debt collector attempts to intimidate you
  • Criminal accusations are being made towards you
  • Use of obscene language during an attempt to collect
  • Automated robocalls are being made to your phone in an attempt to collect

If you’ve been harassed by debt collectors and even one of these has happened to you, we can help. We will fight for your rights.

We can make them STOP!✋

The Lemberg Law legal team is committed to holding debt collectors accountable, so complete our form for a FREE case evaluation, or call 844-685-9200 NOW. ?

What Our Clients are Saying

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! Being in debt is hard enough without being harassed by collection agencies, but thanks to you I no longer have to be a victim. I did not know what to expect when I emailed your company, but from the beginning you guys were on the ball.”

“I would like to thank you and your staff for all the help you’ve provided to me. Honestly, you have a wonderful staff that has dealt professionally and been very empathetic at a time in my life when I hit a speed bump.”

“I never thought I’d finally be free of the nonstop phone calls and letters in the mail, but I finally am free. You went to work straight away, and I saw results fairly quickly. I felt like you really cared about getting me the relief I longed for. I can not thank you enough.”

Can Your Firm Help me Deal with Weber & Olcese?

In short, odds are good we can. Call us to today and we’ll tell you how we can help.

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  • Lisa Szanto

    I am interested in this class action suit and would like more information. thank you.

    • Valerie Austin

      > I want to pursue a lawsuit against then a well. I want to get a many together as possible. Valerie

  • Valerie

    Their practices are still continuing. I recently received the exact same type of letter. How can I get more information?

    • Patricia

      > I purchased a used car in 2010. I got sick and unable to pay monthly note to original creditor. Webber and Olcese took over and I asked for a reduction in payment that was granted. My income is SSDA and was filed a judgement against me. The balance never goes down and we’re talking about a car over 10 years old. I’ve been in court three times for this and still owe over $5000. The car hasn’t been driven in 3 years.

  • Hertha Williams

    I need information about this class action suit against Weber and Oclese who has been garnishing my paycheck since March 2016 for an old debt. I have tried calling my rep for the account and have offered three settlements and they have all been refused. I don’t know what to do anymore. I think I need to get an attorney. These are wicked people.

  • Kathy Slawson

    They have been taking 300.00 a month from me as well, and the debt doesn’t seem to go down it’s been 6 years.


    Keeps calling my husband’s cell

  • Brandon

    I have been paying on a debt that i owe every week and then out of the blue, they garished my check without telling me. I have receipts to show t ive been paying.

  • Stephanie Stott

    They are skum who have taken money from me, drained my bank accounts even though we had a payment agreement that I have been faithful to.

  • Donna Foster

    Been paying them since January. Called a couple time to let them know i can’t make the whole payment and I still make a part payment. They say that its not acceptable. Trying to get my payments reduced because I cant afford 100 a month. The payments that I have made doesn’t seem to be making a difference in the amount i still owe. Also asked for a breakdown of what i owe and never sent me anything.

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